Today I met a person an elderly gentleman who would probably  is 100 years old. His wife was born  in 1919 and his wife is 10 years younger to him. And I am sure he is the first and last person  I would have ever met.  His wife passed away few months back living him alone, the only regret he have is not having children.

He is not mourning his wife death who was his companion for 50 years but he is celebrating the life he had with her.He is celebrating the memories he had with her… One can see the passion in his eyes when he talks about her,the love he has for her. I will never forget those eyes….blue eyes full of emotions…..

When he talks about his work he shows a different emotion…he started to work much before my parents are born…..he is alone no one to talk to. I had my time constraint I wouldn’t spend much time with him…. At the end when I said goodbye knowing that I won’t be seeing him again and wishing it should not be,  he said can I call you and talk to you. My work is such that I can’t spend much time with one customer but I said certainly you can talk to me.  How I wish and sit with him for full day or maybe I take a new profession of social worker, it doesn’t pay much but to survive and to give good life to my kids I can’t opt for that  profession .
Since the day I met him he is my thoughts, thoughts are something which gets erased by passing time and I wish it doesn’t get erased….. In those 45 minutes he talked about so many things. He told me how his mother got married…his memory is so strong.

When he is sitting you don’t think he is 100, when he walks you know that he is aged…..

His wife used to ride horses… She used to teach kids mouth organ…. He remembers everything in detail, when I told him to call me, he repeats my extension number….he just wants patience hearing…….

He said he has been very fair to everyone…he distributed his wealth among his relatives according to his wife wishes……i am the one who does funeral for friends and relatives…….

The first thing he said to me when i gave him a hand shake “I never knew that i am going to see a pretty lady….Nice meeting you miss ”

Wish i meet him again…….

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts”

11 thoughts on “Centenarian…..

  1. Well explained on how you felt about meeting the elderly man!! Not often in our lives do we get to meet people who leave impressions on heart, it is rare.

    My grandma used to say that if someone’s presence can influence you in first meeting, then that is because you were connected or bonded to them in some past life. I dunno how far I believe in that, but just remembered about it when I read about this.


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