Snow Storm

Today we had the worst snow storm in 3 years. Schools were closed and we didn’t go to offices. Trains and buses were late. We had wonderful time playing in the snow. Leaving you all with few pictures.


Knee deep snow
Knee deep snow
A child in me...
A child in me…
Had hard time with pinkuda...she didn't want to come in...
Had hard time with pinkuda…she didn’t want to come in…

Cars deep in snow..Cars deep in snow..


18 thoughts on “Snow Storm

  1. This time when the Capital’s temperature dipped to 3 many of us fantasized that one fine morning opening the windows we shall find the surrounds covered in snow. But that never happened and now we are heading towards summer which is always extreme in Delhi. Nice pics.

  2. Worst snow storm in years, and you guys are having fun…. kids playing in the snow, then heading back home….full of electricity, warmth, running water and no worries. Guess the location does play a role in these things eh 😛

  3. Wow!! knee deep snow, I’ve never seen so much snow before and yes, there is a child in everyone of us and its so nice to have glimpse of your snow adventure 🙂 Cheers 🙂

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