Happy and Contented

This year has been a good year for us. Made  a big move of our life. Happy and contented with the move. Wish everyone all the happiness and joy in the coming year. Leaving you all with few pics of snow….. You will get bored with my snow pictures and I will post until I get bored with them….


14 thoughts on “Happy and Contented

    1. My daughters sing this song, when i sing with them they say i am not supposed to sing as this was taught to them in school. Now i will sing with them and will tell them that my friend showed me this video…

  1. It needs a lot of courage and super planning to make a shift like this and you have fantastically well Sari 🙂
    Many hugs to all the 3 girls !!! Enjoy all that you can in this wonderful new place…post all that you can on snow 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely and encouraging words uma…super tight hugs from all of us…. Check my next post

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