I am annoyed…

Its been more than two months i moved here.The best part of my living here is that i don’t get stares from people here.The only people who stare you is a desi. They just scan you from top to the bottom be it in a lift , shopping mall, bus stops or walking on the road.

I noticed here no body cares what you wear and what you do.There is so much of freedom which we should learn from the West.We keep hearing that we are adopting the West and becoming worse but there is so much to adopt from the West.

In India you don’t feel comfortable walking on the roads but we have got used to those stares and eve teasing.And i am sure all of us in some point of our life have encountered such things if not then they are very lucky.

Once it had happened i with the kids lost our way and were searching for an address. The road we took was empty and suddenly from no where a drunken guy came and approached us. His eyes were blood-red colour and i still remember those eyes. I ignored him and walked away but that guy followed us and luckily an elderly women came to me and saw my panic face. She showed me the way with advice that I should not go on the roads without a male companion. My cousin came and picked me from there.

When you drive you are followed because you over took him. As if the roads are not meant for women. When we complain to police they say it is a very trivial issues which we should not report to.

I will never take a public transport buses in Hyderabad nor i will allow any girls to take those buses. Those buses are full of perverts who get into the bus just to satisfy themselves, they are not bothered what happens to the girl. And all this are seen by other women in the buses, no women has guts to fight for that girl nor the bus conductor has the guts to throw that perverts out of the bus.

Only thing i can do is pray for all girls and tell them that nothing changes. We are used to such incidents and will forget after sometimes and life moves on without any change. But please do keep in mind the following points which i thought would be little help.

Always keep safe.

Don’t trust strangers (male or female).

If possible don’t take any public transport or private transport, if you are above the age of 18 years get a scooter for yourself.

Always keep police patrol number in the speed dial of your mobile phone.

Inform parents or friends about your whereabouts.

I know this is not at all possible but try to read what is going on in the other persons mind.  Act quickly whether it is wrong or right  and don’t think what others say or so.

Don’t panic , if you panic half of the battle is lost before the fight. Be brave and act smartly.

I request my readers to add more to these points which will be helpful for my girls and other girls out there.

Edited to add :-

Sandhya says.. Send the girls to karate class and they should be bold enough to handle these perverts whether small timers or big timers.



6 thoughts on “I am annoyed…

  1. The girl who was gang raped had a male friend with her, Saritha! Even, at this age, when they get a chance they brush against me! I started holding my handbag in front of my body, when I was going for work in the crowded buses that I still continue to do so. Most of our men are perverts at one time or the other. Education also doesn’t help much, I feel. Severe punishment should be given and fast and it should be advertised everywhere so that nobody dares to attempt this heinous crime.

    Send the girls to karate class and they should be bold enough to handle these perverts whether small timers or big timers.

  2. “There is so much to adopt from the west” – But, there is so much not to adopt from the west, as well. My statement will be clearer as time progresses, there.

    Yeah i agree with you that as time progresses i will now more about West. Every place has both advantages and dis-advantages of living and i am not trying to highlight the bad about living in India.What little i know about this place is what i want to be adopted in India, like easy access to handicapped people,elderly people and the kids.Let our government adopt good things from the West rather than saying youth is getting spoiled by the West.If at all there was police patrol on Delhi roads, if at all there are CCTV cameras on the roads i don’t think the incident which happened in Delhi would not have happened.Here each and every road are manned by CCTV cameras and police is here within 5 minutes if we Dial 911.

    I remember once i have been to Mumbai and reached Mumbai at around 11.00 at night.As soon i got out from the airport i was approached by a policemen, he called taxi for me and noted the car number and left.I reached safely without any fear at that time.

    Destination Infinity

    Thanks DI

  3. on your fone you shud have a number under the contact ICE, paramedics and police are asked in case of any problem they can look into your phone and see that number .. to contact someone ..

    It is safer here for sure .. lets hope good things are picked up back home then only the other things .. which We say are bad .. but are they as bad as what people in india are doing is a question now ..

    I am sure the girls will be fine in canada for sure .. much safer then back home I can say for sure

    what needs doing is PEOPLE the ones who are there seeing all this happen NEED to speak up.. the problem is much worse then the one who is doing the crime .. its the ones who are having a laugh and looking THEY Are much worse

  4. havent seen your blog in a while. congrats on moving to canada. hope you guys settle in well soon.

    It’s been a while i started blogging again…. We are in settling process…Thanks…

  5. Agree with Bikram that the girls will be safer in Canada than in our own country. Things are bound to come to a head and then change. Let us hope this was just a wake up call we all needed.

    (came here from Sandhya’s)

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