Our First Winter here…

Winter is slowly setting in. The temperature now is 0 degrees Celsius and we are not used to these kind of weather,the winter maximum we have in Hyderabad is around 15 degrees Celsius.Today morning when we ventured out we were surprised to see snow on the roads.Kids had a good time on their way to school.The snow was not that much and by afternoon all snow melted and roads were clear.Here weather is so un-predictable and your are caught unaware if you think it is sunny and you end up shivering.So it is always better to go fully dressed.

Pink just hates to get dressed up that too with 3-4 t-shirts,2 pants,heavy winter jacket and snow boots.Varu is quite comfortable with the dressing and she is loving it.

Inside the house we don’t  feel the cold,it is quite similar to Dubai where it is not hot indoors.There are A/C’s ,here heaters.But heaters too has dis-advantages as they make skin very dry.So tons and tons of body lotion are rubbed on the bodies.

I created a new blog by name My New Adopted Home,it has only pictures..Do check the link here


13 thoughts on “Our First Winter here…

  1. So, you are on a blogging spree! I can feel your happiness, Saritha!

    You and the children must be feeling odd to come to zero degree temperature from the middle east heat and Hyderabad heat! I can see you are enjoying this new experience too! Be happy like this always!

    1. That was quick comment Sandhya. You are awake at this time??

      Initial few days were tough but slowly we are getting accustomed to this type of winter.

      Thanks Sandhya.

  2. Since I was born and brought up in Chennai, I found it difficult to face even the cool climate of Bglore! After a year, I got used to that climate. So, I guess you’ll also get used to it in a short while. Just remember to be careful for the first few days – This is when body will be adjusting to the different climate and there maybe some cold/fever, etc.

    Destination Infinity

    When we came here the temp was 11 degrees and we felt like it was minus,we wore so many layers,now we got slightly used to this temp..

  3. You know its quiet funny I have lived more in india and been in the heat , worked in fields and what not , but since i have come here I jsut cant take heat anymore , I fall sick
    and cold I am ok with 🙂

    Take care all of you , first time in cold can be bad .. look out for that ice ..

    Thanks bikram

  4. Takes some time to get totally settled in, so I am not surprised 🙂

    Pls keep the link (of your photo-blog) readily available on the side slot of your blog for easy viewing 🙂

    Yeah will do it ash.

  5. I can see that you are slowly settling in 🙂 Before you know it, you will start loving it there – winters and all 🙂 Hugs! Off to check out your photo blog.

    Yeah smitha slowly getting used to this weather.Thanks.

  6. Can understand that settling in to a new place may take a while, Sari. But am sure you will adapt to it eventually and grow to love it! Loads of hugs and best wishes to you 🙂

    Thanks deeps and hugs

    1. Welcome here DOTR…

      Yeah we are getting used to winter but people here say it is going to be more tough after Christmas…Hope for the best…. The main reason we came here was for the kids school as academic year starts in Sep.

      Thanks and keep visiting….

  7. Hi, Saritha,
    came from Sandhya’s blog. It was lovely being introduced by her through her blog.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog and your kind words.
    We love the cold climate, and we often plan our trips during the beginning of the cold season. Somehow the thought of heat, really puts us off. Although we are living in Bangalore, it is fast becoming very hot, for this year , we either had any rains, nor a even a hint of winter. The climate has changes drastically. Though one could say we are still better off than some of the hotter regions in India.

    Maybe because of global warming Bangalore is becoming hot.

    I know snow has its own disadvantages, yet it is so alluring.
    I wish you a good winter this year!

    Thanks ramananth and its getting more wild, yesterday it was -16 C

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