Schools here

The first thing we did after coming here was finding a flat.Once we shifted to flat the first thing was to look for a school.The system here is that every neighbourhood has a school. The minimum distance between the school and houses should be less than 2 KM,so one can find a school very easily not the house.Luckily we got a good flat and school is just 4-5 minutes from the house. Infact i can see school from my balcony.

We got the school admission immediately but kids has to write a assessment test (it was just a formality).Here first language is the language the kids speak at home,school emphasis that kids should be well versed in their first language.They say what ever we teach them if that is translated into their first language they will understand very well.I was taken by surprise when i was told English is their second language.Back home our first language we say is English followed by Hindi and Telugu.

Here special needs children go to the same school unlike us.Here they want them to know that they are not different.And the kids who are physically challenged they get very good assistance.Check the below picture how a kid is been taken home from school.A special bus comes for the kid.



Even in public transport when a challenged person is trying to get into the bus the bus driver reduces the height of the bus so that the person can easily climb the bus.And passengers immediately get up from their seats and make way for that person,like pulling his wheelchair.


10 thoughts on “Schools here

  1. One of the biggest problems we have in India is the commuting facilities for elderly people. For disabled people, those are not even existent! Getting into the bus is a challenge (as most busses have elevated stairway) and finding a seat, standing, etc. are big problems (due to the crowd). Even though there maybe some elders/disabled seats, they are there for namesake. This problem should be address as soon as possible.

    In one of the episode of Satymave Jayeth Amir Khan showed us what western countries does and we too should follow them..

    Destination Infinity

  2. Looks you are starting to enjoy your experience there. 🙂


    Where in Canada are you? Wait, never mind. Don’t answer that here. You can reply by email if you wish! No compulsions 🙂

    Will send a message in fb 🙂

  3. That is so awesome Sari. Of late, thanks to the injured knee, I am realizing all the more as to how important it is to make certain things user-friendly. No ramps anywhere, steep staircases etc.. are so troublesome! We never think or realize how blessed we are!

    Yeah i can understand how difficult it would have been to you…

  4. Here, we don’t have these types of facilities and we are reluctant to get up from our seat to assist old people or invalid people. Value for human beings is very low here.

    We don’t value human life Sandhya,once we do that we will be show some concern towards others….

  5. oh yes everyone is given equal chance that is for sure .. and that is a good think about first language .. its not the same here in UK .. but I can understand what they are saying if they understand in first language then they will understand it in any language.

    Yeah you got it right…

  6. Wished my school days were same as your kids then. How easy the studies could be… Here in Chennai too government released special buses to help disabled along with wheelchair lift, but I never get to see the bus after its introduction. I know there’s a corporation school for Muscular Dystrophy children in Chennai uses a special bus. I believe the country u live has permanent facilities for disabled.

    Welcome here Jeevan…I am reading for the first time about the special buses,hope those buses are used every where.

    Yeah disabled and elderly people have permanent facilities….

  7. It is wonderful to see facilities like these, isn’t it? It makes so much of a difference, to those who really need them. Even integrated schools, I think are great. It helps everybody , it helps the other children to understand that being different is not a bad thing. So many things our country has to learn…and adopt.

  8. Wow thats wonderful! I can see how such facilities can help in ensuring that kids learn to be more sensitive towards each other, even those with special needs can easily feel included and belonged with such systems in place. Applause! And Sari I’m glad you found such a school and environment for Varu & Pinki.
    Good luck to them 🙂

  9. I am truly touched by this post!!!

    Yeah learning in first language …. I think we should adopt that shrugging off the colonial legacy of accented Hinglish and pretension of not understanding our own mother tongue…

    Wish You a Very Happy New Year 🙂

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