Good it happened…..

Last two years were tough.Good it happened it made me a better person and it made me strong to cope with the situations.I pray i won’t get to see those years again.Was stressed out too much.

Much was spent in a hope that husband will get a job he was desiring in hyderabad but we were wrong in that.He didn’t get proper opening and he got a better job in Dubai.We gave 2 years time for ourselves and now that company doesn’t want him to leave them.

But some where a decision has to be taken and we are here.A new chapter in our life and as people here say kids will just love this place and will get adjusted soon.

Living alone was only possible with my mom and my immediate family support.  And i thank them all for the emotional and mental support.I should not miss thanking my house help and my building watchmen.They both were very helpful. Any time of the day they answered my call,be it getting medicine from pharmacy, accompanying me at night,looking after the kids when i am went out or getting me a pizza etc……Now they both are helping my mother the way they did for me.

During those two years my best companion were my kids off course husband used to call everyday. Pinkuda missed her bad so badly that in the middle of night she used to search for him on the bed.And when he was with us she never used to take him out of her sight.He used to give her bath,feed her,take her to school,change her dress etc…….But when he left us she used to be depressed and used to behave very strangely.Now everything has come to an end and she is very happy to be with her dad.Now she ignores him a lot cause she nows he won’t leave us and go to Dubai.I should say sorry to kids for going through all this.

Those two years people have written me off,my financial status was questioned but i never answered them because i knew all this were temporary and i always believe in Sunshine after Dark.

13 thoughts on “Good it happened…..

  1. Hugs Sari!! You are such a strong person! Staying alone for 2 years, is no easy thing, and I know. Here I am complaining, after a mere 5 months, and you have done it for 2 years! Seriously, ignore all the naysayers, they haven;t a clue!

    I am trying hard not to recollect but you know sometimes those things just prop up..

    Hugs and loads of wishes for you all to be comfortable and happy finally. I am sure that your belief in sunshine after dark, will pull you through. Hugs again!

    Thanks Smitha

  2. Hugsss Sari! Am so glad things have settled for u as a family, though I would have greedily wished for u to stay back in Hyderabad 😛 😛

    Yeah i know,some how we would have met no…

  3. Sincerely written Sari – Sunshine after the dark – perfectly said. I believe in sunshines too.
    Actually we are in a being “judged” / “evaluated” phase currently. Your post makes me want to write an entire ranting post on this. Anyway the good thing is that sun is shining bright for you now. take care.

    Thanks lakshmi,go head and rant,it will easy your mind…..

  4. big hugs Sari! you are so brave to have done it all, all alone!
    I’m glad everything is fine again… so very glad! 🙂

    Thanks pixie and hugs…

  5. Hugsssssssssss!!! I am soooo happy for you that things are working out!! 🙂 (Little Joji nods in agreement!)
    In fact was wondering why you are so silent these days and what’s up with you. Now i know!!
    God bless!!

    Thanks Ashwathy,give my tight hug to Joji….

  6. Forget the bad phase in your life, Saritha! People who ‘talk’ also would have croseed this or will ‘cross’ this period. But will they learn?! Forget about them and carryon. You are going to be happy hereafter! God bless you! Love to the kids!

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