We love our girls….

Watched Satyamev Jayate this sunday on DD.Kept an alarm at 10.50am so that i don’t miss the show.Little i know that the show opens my eyes into female feticide in India, about the sting operations conducted by two journalist in Rajasthan and other things which is not known to me.

Heard a lot about dis-advantages of having a girl child  from the people around me but i never met anyone actual opting for feticide maybe that thing never comes to light until a women comes out and tell people that she was forced to abort the girl child.

During the show Aamir Khan showed a map of India and few states in South India which have highest sex ratio and Andhra Pradesh is among them.Does this means we love our daughters more?? Or there are few doctors who do abortions??  Or Ultra sound centers doesn’t do sex selection scan??Or Women says no for abortions?? Or M-law never wishes for a girl child??  Or Men are not mocked for having many girls at home,

Here too there is much want for a son.My dad always used to say i have three girls at home and no son to take the family name forward.His friends used to tell him to save enough money to get the girls married.He didn’t lived to see that i didn’t change my name after getting married and we three got married without giving dowry.Wish he was here….

My granny(maternal) had 4 sons and 5 daughters.7 grandsons and 19 grand daughters.I never felt the discrimination in my granny’s house.We were literally brought up in a girls hostel.

The apartment where i live there are 5 girls and 1 boy.

Recently i attended a cousin’s wedding.There too girls outsmart boys.There were 2 boys and 6 girls.

Most of my friends have two girls.Even in school girls were more than the boys.There were 17 girls and 12 boys.At my work place too there were more girls than the boys.In the bank where i used to work there were 10 girls and 4 boys.

I always used to wonder that survey shows that  India has very poor sex ratio but i find more girls around me than the boys.

There has been a drastic change in the sex ratio since 2001 in Andhra pradesh and this year census shows a good improvement in the sex ratio.My only wish is that such change should be seen all over India and wish a day should come when the ratio is 1000:1000.


6 thoughts on “We love our girls….

  1. THe stats on the show were such an eyeopener.. but it is true the girl ratio is less and we need to think of it at earliest.

    as he said in a few years to come there will be almost 2 CRORE boys extra then girls and that in turn will bring a lot A LOT of problems which are beginning to show up nowadays with daily news of rapes and other issues involved.

    THe red on the map is growing and growinggggggggggggggg

  2. No dowry in your marriages? Great, Saritha. My mother too didn’t change her initial after marriage, but I have!

    Andhra is the best place for women then. Nice to read the anecdotes, Saritha, thank you!

  3. You meant, ‘outnumber’? ‘Outsmart’ too seems to be a bit on the truthful side and maybe that’s the reason why the sex-ratio is better in AP? 🙂

    I can vouch for outsmart too,here the girls are in top 3 in xth and xiith exams results.

    Destination Infinity

  4. I ws thinking abt this too Sari! It ws amazing to know AP has very few cases, but I wish they could shed some light on the reasons too so that it could be tried and replicated in other places.

    Yeah in that map there was no Red colour in AP and wish this continuous.I forgot to mention i have more female bloggers as friends than guys.

    Very glad to know the 3 of you got married without dowry 🙂

    🙂 🙂

  5. I wish the govt would analyze the stats and figure out why some states have better ratios and implement relevant changes to make a difference. Andhra can be a role model in showing what changed and how the ratio is now improving.

    It is wonderful, Sari, to see how things can change – even in just a few years time. And here’s hoping that the day comes soon when every state loves their daughters(enough to let them get born).

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