Please people….




This we all were taught since Kindergarten.While learning driving the driving school teach us all the traffic rules including the signals.Then why people jump the signals.If you are in a hurry to go the person whom you are about to hit is in no hurry to die or get injured.And if you want to die there are so many ways to die rather than jumping the signals and making other suffer because of your lack of basic knowledge.

Or i am wrong in thinking it is due to basic knowledge.Maybe the person who jumps signal thinks he can zoom off without been hit or without him hitting others or when he jumps the signal others who have GO signal wait for you to go.

A small advice to all the people who jump signal,please if you are in a hurry to go please start little early from home.There are people at your house and others houses who wait for there loved ones to return home safely….

There was a accident in hyderabad early morning where a college going girl jumped the red signal,missed two cars and straight went and hit the bus.She is in coma and no one were hurt.It was shocking to see the video which was posted by hyderabad traffic police in youtube.

More about it here

9 thoughts on “Please people….

  1. Ouch! I hope this tragedy brings some sense to people. One crazy act of haste can make so many people who made no mistake suffer for a lifetime or even worse may cause them to lose their life for no fault of theirs 😦

    Yeah,and they should think there will be family members at home who wait for them to return home safely…

  2. The video is shocking! In roads, as well as in life, some people believe that taking short cuts is an easy way to succeed. Experience will teach them otherwise.

    Sometimes they may not be alive to experience,so it always better to be safe then sorry..

    Destination Infinity

  3. Yes, the video is really shocking! This video should be displayed in movie theatres and in TV so that people will think twice before doing this mistake.

    Me too shocked when i saw that video and pray that the girl recovers soon and next time she drives safely…..

    Good, you shared this, Saritha!

  4. Oh this is sad. To reach some place early one puts their and others life in danger too.

    I hope people take care on road as they risk life of others tooo.

    I hope so…

  5. Here in England, I think we are blessed not to have this problem. Although, quite easily people could jump the lights here and the authorities wouldn’t know any better, people seem to have got the rule of traffic lights embedded in their sub-conscience mind.

    In foreign countries people respect traffic rules and they value human life.The rules are very strict as compared to ours and people obey the rules there.

    Having visited a number of countries in South Asia, I find myself nervous and deny any opportunity to drive or walk on the roads. This is because, well the stuff you highlighted in your post.

    Yeah i have seen people who came from abroad are scared to drive on indian roads,they just can’t drive here…..

  6. Oh my god! That was horrible to watch! Why would people drive like this? Half a minute they might save, but might end up giving their lives for that half a minute! It is heart breaking to see unnecessary accidents like this.

    Such a pity. I do hope others learn from her mistake…

    There was much uproar when traffic police uploaded the video on fb,but by seeing this video people will learn to respect the traffic rules…

  7. This went online last week right? I remember this came for a lot of cricticism from all quarters because the Police showed insensitivity by putting this up when the victim’s family has not yet recovered from the shock and all that.

    Yeah traffic police were critised by the people for been insensitive by uploading the video on fb.

    I don’t agree. Such videos need to be put up so that people learn from them and not repeat those mistakes.

    Me to agree for that…..At least this video will scare people not to jump the signals….

  8. We don’t care about anyone but only ourselves.I need to reach fast ,I need to be ahead so who cares about the rules and others.Hope this video makes rule breakers realize that how their insensitivities and carelessness effects others and them too.

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