My Little Story Teller — Story 2

Pinkuda told me story today afternoon when i was trying to make her sleep.She hates to sleep in the afternoon so to divert me she told me this story.I wrote about a story she told before,here is the link for Story 1.

Here goes her story….

Once upon a time there were four friends.Rajasthan,Sonia Gandhi,Youmiko and Varu.(Youmiko is a cartoon character and varu is her elder sister).They all went to a park one evening.Park was empty,no kids were there.Then they went to another park.

They played a lot and when it was dark they came back home.While back home they all fell into a pit which has a net.Then they saw one mouse and they all asked the mouse to cut the net.Mouse was very good it bit the net and all of them came up.

They took the mouse and went to Lion tiger’s house.Lion mummy shouted at them why they brought mouse to the house.Then they all told her what happened so lion mummy was happy and gave the mouse a big cheese piece.


(Here lion tiger is husband and lion mummy is me)



12 thoughts on “My Little Story Teller — Story 2

  1. Telling stories to divert mother’s attention? That’s some strategy alright. I better participate in all story contests right now. Otherwise, in a few years there will be unbeatable competition 🙂

    ha ha ha

    Destination Infinity

  2. Loved the imagination and the way she connected different incidents of her life and the stories she has heard into one perfect story.

    The names she heard in news channel and cartoon characters were made the characters in her story and lion and mouse story she changed it into her story..

    awesome work Pinks….hugs 😀


  3. he he he Sonia gandhi had me in fit 🙂 y oh y dos the little one want her in the story he he he 🙂

    Me too had a good laugh and i asked her who is she,she said she is her friend(maybe she heard her name on tv)

    such a imagination lovely, Lion,mouse,hole , rajasthan and CHEEESE 🙂 niceeeeee

    Cheese is her fav

    I hope the Lion mummy gives more cheese 🙂

    Yeah i will give her loads of cheese…..

  4. I am glad I started story telling now, because once Pinku will grow up, no-one will want to read any other story than told by her 🙂
    Hugs to the little angel 😀

    I love your stories,once my kids are old enough will let me read your stories.

    Pinkuda hugging back….

  5. great story, reading a little late, my twin daughters are six now and they’ll love to listen to this story. my love to ur little daughter. rosy

    Welcome here rosy,thanks..

  6. Pinky is so smart And so creative! Love the way her mind works 🙂

    She became quite talktive and keeps on telling me stories,sometimes she makes me feel that those stories are real….

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