Things i did since last few months

Its been a while i had posted anything in my blog.Been busy and 24 hours seems to be less.

Time just flies,the year is coming to end.The year has been a good year till now and hope it will the same for the coming new year.Had many ups and downs in this year,there has been a major change with regard to my profession and my qualification.First time sat in a class after 12 years of leaving college.Can’t express what i felt that day sitting in the class after so many years.On a lighter note when i was asked my passing year by my lecturer……came to know that  i was the eldest in the class and since then my lecturer is calling me “madam”.

Have not done any experiment with the cooking,it is just the routine food i am cooking hence there is no update in my food blog too.Used to post wordless Wednesday and that too stopped since two weeks.Did satyanarayana pooja last week at home for the first time after marriage (10 years back).Some how we both never got an opportunity to do the pooja at home and this time we did.We invited very close relatives for lunch and we had a very good time.

Did few crochet things this year and once again thanks to crafty for introducing me to such a beautiful work.

Honeybee mittens
Honeybee mittens
Coin pouch
Coin pouch
honey bee
honey bee
Phone pouch
Phone pouch
Crochet Bag
Crochet Bag
Camera case
Camera case

Edited to add

These are the few things i did.

The patterns are from these sites:-

Honey bee fingerless mittens from Crochetme

Coin Pouch from crochetnmore

Honey bee from favecrafts

Spider from greatamigurumi

Crochet bag from Crochetme

Phone pouch from cats rockin

Camera case cats rockin

Slippers from

16 thoughts on “Things i did since last few months

  1. Congrats for getting back to study. I think it’s a great achievement! Btw what are you studying for?

    Doing software testing tools,this subject is alien to me…

    Loved the honeybee…it’s so cute and err I have my eye on that cozy slippers 😳

    I know what you will prefer — the slippers….

  2. Wow goibg back to study now that itself is a big thing and hats off.. I dont think I could do it ..

    Me too never thought that i will go back for studying,all credit goes to husband how forced to enroll for the course.

    Change is good and all the best in new phase…
    Take care and keep smiling…

    Thanks and you to take care 🙂

    You have been busy knitting all that …

    Yeah did all these in a year time….

  3. Congrats on the move for studies!!! 🙂 It’s a bold step alright…..esp after so many years.

    And I so love your crochet!! 🙂 Can you make something for me??? :mrgreen:

  4. Wowie! Studying and all – awesome Sari!:) What is that u r pursuing?

    Thanks swaram,doing software testing tools….

    We hv nt done the Satyanarayana Puja too and are planning one since long 🙂

    We planned it many times but couldn’t do it,atleast did it before completing 10 years of marriage….

    Lovely crochets there 🙂


  5. Studying? Great! All the best Saritha!

    All the knitting working are good. Honeybee and slippers must have been tough and the bag is too big. You must have taken a long time to complete it! Awesome, Saritha!

    I seem to be late, here, this time! Keep writing whenever you get time, Saritha.

  6. wow! Congrats on getting back to studies! I have been thinking about it, but have been too lazy to pursue it!
    The crochet work is absolutley beautiful! 🙂

    Thanks pixie

    I am so going to borrow your title! This way I can write about all the things that have been on my mind, but I haven’t blogged at all!

    Go ahead and use the title,love to read what you did since last few months….

  7. Welcome back akka… 🙂 And you have gone back to studies.. I could never do that 🙂 Congrats on that 🙂

    The crochets looking beautiful.. Honey bee especially 🙂

    How is pinky and varu???

  8. You’re back to studying, Sari? Thats wonderful! Good luck to you!

    Thanks deeps more two week to finish it.

    And the corchets are looking that honey-bee cute 🙂

    Thanks,i made that honey-bee for pinkuda’s fancy dress competition.

    Heres wihsing teh coming year would even better than the previous one for you and your family 🙂
    Take care and love always 🙂

    Wishing you the same and loads of hugs to you and to namanam.

    Hugs to my two kuttis 🙂

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