Physical exercise is must for everyone but going to gym for that should start from what age??

I met a girl who is 10 years old.She comes everyday to gym does all the rigorous exercises,aerobics and surya namskars for about 2 hours.Is it required for a small girl of 10 years old?

Her mom says she is fat,she eats a lot,doesn’t play so she is getting her to gym for exercise.Her mom gives her a running commentary what to do and how to sit on the floor (she is nicely sitting under the fan).That kid is not obese,we can make out that.Her mom is obese with high exceptions.She is expecting her child to be slim and beautiful and make the child under go all this at a tender age.

There are other physical exercises which the kid can do rather than using treadmill and other gym equipment.There other things to do like swimming,cycling to school, skipping,dancing etc…why only gym??  And the girl might feel out of place too as she is doing aerobics and surya namskars  among females who all are her mother’s age.

Who is blame for the child obesity??

It is we parents who are to blame.It is we who teach them the food habits.It is we who show them the cartoon show so that they don’t trouble you.It is we who give them junk food,they don’t know the bad or good effects but we know it and we give them out of love.It is we who give them play stations to play.Kids don’t have open space and they end up either in front of TV or computer.

We don’t have much space in my apartment to play and i don’t send kids to play on the road.I frequently take them to a park nearby to play for an hour or so and i always encourage to play among themselves rather than watching tv or using laptop.My kids are not addicted to cartoon,they love to see cooking shows and music channels with me.


9 thoughts on “Physical exercise to what extent ???

  1. Some parents (read mothers) expect the world out of their kids. I wonder why that girl is not refusing. When we were kids, we did only what we liked or what we thought was right. Of course, parents play a huge role in influencing that thought process, but ultimately if we as kids become bored, we would just stop going to some classes, etc.

    I really pit that girl and her mother thinks by going to gym that kid will loose weight

    I think, in this case the mother wants to go to gym and she is unnecessarily dragging the kid along because there is no one at home to look after her. Or maybe she is using the kids routine to go to the gym herself. Or both.

    No her mother sits nicely under the fan and this girl is sweating like anything,sometimes i wonder maybe the kid will de-hyderated.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Oh my god! The poor, poor girl! I am sure she will grow up thinking that she is fat and unattractive!

    That kid’s mother keeps on correcting her and my gym instructor told her not to talk as she is disturbing other people…

    You are right, her parents are responsible for her eating patterns, play patterns, and now they want to see instant results by getting her to work out in a gym!

    I strongly feel kids follow us no matter what it is.

    Why are people like this allowed to become parents!!!

  3. oh my God! the poor kid! she is only 10!! Gah! such parents piss me off!

    Me too,the first day i wanted to come back in the middle…

    you are right when you say that parents are responsible for eating, TV watching patterns of their children…

    Sigh! it’s parents like this who make sure their kids grow up with low self esteem…

    Yes,i feel sorry for the kid who has to undergo so much at such a tender age…

  4. God.

    I woud say not to let kids pick weights at least till 15 16.. But no harm in exercising. Running walking taking a sport is a must.
    These days food is not that good that we get…

    Moreover as she grows up she will grow tall and it will be fine. Parents need education tooo.

  5. The mother is the lazy one and has made her daughter fat, if she is. If correct mostly home made food is given and if the kids play at school at least, they won’t get obese.

    At school kids play but after coming back from school too they should have some recreation other then watching tv and computer…

    The child should be with her friends her own age, instead of gym and that too with her mother!

    Me too felt that,At 10 years the girl will prefer her age group kids rather then aunties…

    What you say is right, Saritha! The mothers make the children sit in front of the TV just not to ‘trouble’ them. And lazy not to cook home food!

    My kids don’t watch much cartoon,i play with them and they watch other channels with me.

  6. yes letting them play would be the best option for their childhood days so the memories remain afresh when they grow up.. 🙂

    Yeah rightly said….

  7. 10 year old girl in the gym with her mother instructing her?? I think the obese mother thinks she will lose weight herself if it is transferred through the exercise of her daughter?? 🙄 Sheesh!!
    The world is full of too many stupid parents. Why blame the kids then?

  8. Really horrible akka 😦 10 year kid going to gym. If her mom just sit and instruct then she will hate the gym.

    all the kids need is playing in outdoors but there is no space is in cities 😦 at least she can go and play shuttle badminton or something which she can do with fun…

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