My Little Story Teller

Every night I tell a story to both the kids before going to sleep.Today pinkuda said she will tell me a story.The story goes like this

My teacher Megha mama brought mangoes.*Pause*

She took one bite and there was a one big worm. *Pause*

She put that worm on her shoulder. *Pause*

And that worm became a big snake and bit her on her cheek. *Pause*

She was in the hospital for 10 days.

And she came back to school with one big scar.

ME:- Your teacher told you this story?

Pinkuda:No,its my own story but I saw scar on teacher’s cheek.


20 thoughts on “My Little Story Teller

  1. Wow..creative genius is budding in your house 🙂 She built a whole story by just seeing scar..
    {{{{{{{{{{{Hugs and muhas}}}}}}}}}}} to pinkuda

  2. When I was slightly older (6th Std) I wrote one story – ‘Today teacher gave report card; I failed in all subjects;……’ Well, actually I don’t want to disclose the rest of the story – There are limits to imagination 😀 . What I wanted to say was, Pinkuda’s story is much better 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  3. OMG !!! I will never create any story with a snake in it…or anything crawling…

    Varu, she is quite brave to think of all these things. 🙂

  4. A scar on her teacher’s cheek made Pinkuda weave a story! Beautiful imagination! Hugs and kisses to the li’l story-teller 🙂

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