What i am liking this summer??

The thing i am liking in this summer is the evenings.Near to my house a ground was converted into a play area for kids and a walking track.My walking shoes had loads of dust on them as i have not used them since last March.Now everyday i take kids to the play area and i go for my walking.Its almost a week now and i feel so light,maybe i am assuming or it is real that i am loosing my tummy fat.

Good thing is that kids are getting tired and are sleeping by 8.00 pm so i have time to sit in front of my laptop.Since their summer holidays i am not allowed to sit in front of the computer.The moment i switch on the laptop varunavi wants to play Pogo games and pinkuda wants to see mickey in Youtube.So the time i used to spend on the net has drastically come down but thanks to the play area i am getting sometime on the net since last few days.

Got so many raw mangoes from neighbours and relatives that we are wondering what to do with them.Did mango dal (mango pappu),mango muraba,sharbat,pickles (two types,mom did).And also getting so many bottles of pickles like mango,red chillies and tomato pickles.No need of making anything for one year…..

Yesterday pinkuda didn’t say a single word while coming back from the park,maybe she is upset that I am getting them back as she wanted to play for some more time.As we stepped into the house she said to varunavi,Akka we both will study teacher and we will go to the class and get a scale to beat Amma cause she brought us back from the play.(maybe she saw her teacher beating kids with the scale or maybe she too got if from her teacher)She is just opposite to varu,she doesn’t tell me anything what happened in the school.When i ask her she says much has happened but she will tell me later which never comes…..

Leaving you all with few snaps….

This is my rocking chair

11 thoughts on “What i am liking this summer??

  1. Lovely! 🙂
    I’m so glad your princesses are having a great time at the park! And the pics sure look like they have a lot of fun! 🙂

    They almost spend one hour but not enough for both,they both make frown face when i get them back home….

    Pinkuda looks cute in that last pic!! 😀 🙂

    Thats a stool which she turned it upside down and lots of dust under the stool….

  2. I too never told anything about school to my mother. My brother was opposite – he will keep telling for hours together till my mother becomes tired of hearing all that 🙂 We also wanted to say as much when our mother used to call us back from playing – but we couldn’t!

    I wish pinky tells me the way varu tells me

    Destination Infinity

  3. Wow! I love those colorful playtime pictures 😀 😀

    Me too,sometimes i feel like climbing on them…..

    Kids pick up tons of said and unsaid knowledge at school and I can imagine how surprised you would have been hearing their conversation 🙂

    Till then i never knew that her teacher uses scale to scare or to beat the kids,they are just nursery kids…..

    Enjoy the summer time and those wonderful evening playtimes 😀 😀

    Sure will enjoy with the kids,thanks

  4. I’m all for kids going outside and playing…
    Anything as long as they are not sitting cooped up in front of the tv, computer or video games…

    Yeah we hardly find parks now,the park i wrote just came up quickly.That place used to be a ground and no one where using it….

  5. Awww, so cute….play time with kids is the best time to enjoy with them. 🙂 Love those times of bonding. 🙂

    I want all those things u’ve made with mango….now…. 😛 😛 Its so tempting. 🙂

    Your hyd trip is due since many days,come this summer,will serve u all…

    1. I am also liking the summer here with my girls…lazy, lethargic, movies, cooking, eating, classes, beach – totally fun !!! And malls of course. 🙂

      Same pinch uma minus classes and beach….

  6. The rocking chair looks rocking 🙂

    😀 😀 😀
    Now so many mangoes wow share send some this way allllllll of them he he he

    Sure,will courier u…

    The kido is having fun and sleep at 8 that is aweaome good excellent and you walking that is great to keep it up

    Thanks hope i will go for walking till june mid when school opens…

  7. Mangoes…I did vadu mangaa pickle and thokku. Only my husband and I eat them.

    I don’t eat pickle much but husband and varu love eating pickle….

    I love children playing outdoor games. It is very good for their health!

    Pinku’s imagination…!

    My elder son used to chatter all the time about school, but the younger one was always playful, but he never said anything about school!

    I think it is the same,always elder kid talks and younger ones doesn’t talk….

    Rocking chair rocks!

    It rocks and the cushion has gone for a toss….

  8. Luv Pinku’s rocking chair 🙂
    Ha ha!I like her – Much happened but I will tell u later eh 😛

    That later will never come but one day suddenly she spills some golden words

  9. They seem to be having a great time! It is wonderful isn’t it when they get all tired and sleep on time 🙂 We follow the same routine – she is so exhausted by the end of the day, that she in bed by 7:£0-8:00 and I get some time to myself 🙂

    I want all those mango delicacies! Drooling at the thought of homemade mango pickles!

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