Best of Amul ads

Since childhood i used to like amul ads.Few days back i was browsing amul ads went to their website and there they have all the ads which they made since the year 1976.I was not able to choose which was the best ads.Here i am posting some of the ads which i liked but not necessarily best as it is very difficult to select the best of amul ads.

Unrest in Libya
Indian cricketer's outstanding performance in the current World Cup
World cup

Only Sachin

The oldest amul ad (1976)
Hike in vegetable prices
Jasmin revolution
When Saina won the gold

When Laxman was awarded


All images are from Amul website


12 thoughts on “Best of Amul ads

  1. Brilliant stuff!!! In fact I’ve loved each and every one of their campaigns…. like you said, not necessary that these are the best ones…there are lots of the good ones! 🙂

  2. I like their caption – Amul the taste of India! I like everything about their cooperative movement ever since I read ‘I too had a dream’ by Verghese Kurien (One of the founders). India could be really proud of Amul!

    Destination Infinity

  3. All the ads are interesting, Saritha! They used to display Amul ads in mount road, in a prominent place. When I was working, we used to eagerly wait to see the new ad there because each and every ad was ‘different’.

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