Pinky—My pillow

Pinky:-  Amma i don’t want barbie pillow?

Me:- Then which pillow you want?

Pinky: Your stomach pillow 😀 😀 😀 😀

Me:- What?

Pinky:- Your stomach is very big and soft……

10 thoughts on “Pinky—My pillow

  1. LOL !!! Come on Sari, start exercising….these girls are expert at embarrassing us in all the wrong times….. 😉

    Uma the fat at the tummy is very difficult to remove it,everyday i climb stairs to 2nd floor 3 times and walk to the school 3 times.I have reduced so much after coming here but not able to reduce the tummy.

    Uma there is something more than this which pinky does it in public which i can’t write here.

  2. Barbie pillow? I was under the impression that there was only barbie dolls! Learning a lot about kids items from your blog…

    Barbie pillow is nothing but pillow cover,u don’t know these girls no want everything barbie,barbie toothbrush,bed sheet,pillow case,pencil box….. list is endless…

    Destination Infinity

      1. Ok here goes 😛
        My fiance is on the healthier side….and I say the exact thing to him sometimes! :mrgreen:

        Lol got ur meaning of healthier side,same pinch to him…..

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