After 19 long years….

One day i received a message that a someone by name RR added me in facebook.I was very curious to know who is she and immediately logged into fb.I remember her name to be RR and there is a surname too which i don’t know.Then before accepting her request i went to her profile and saw her picture.Bad of me i didn’t recognise her in the few snaps then i saw a snap in which she was looking younger and  she is the same classmate of mine whom i know as RR.

Then accepted her and sent a message to her to give me her number.She immediately responded by giving me her no and when i dialed her no,she immediately recognised me and i found her to be the same girl who was my classmate.I spoke to her after 19 years of leaving the school.The best part of getting in touch with her is that through her I came to know of many of my classmates from two schools I studied (1 to 10th in one school and 11th and 12th in another school)

Slowly many added me in their friends list and believe me still I am not able to recognize few of them.I remember their name,i checked my old class pictures but these classmates have changed so much.I am very sorry to say I accepted them as my friends but took almost 3-4 days to recollect their faces.

And today I am going to see a friend with whom I studied from class 1 to class 10th.Again we both went to same school for 11th and 12th but sections were different.I am very eager to see her and her two lovely sons……

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17 thoughts on “After 19 long years….

  1. Social Networking has it’s wonderful advantages too 😛
    I guess so many of us can relate to your story of being connected with old friends after a very long time 😀 😀
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy catching up 😛

    We had a wonderful time,kids too had a wonderful time there…..

  2. Love such re-unions !!! Its great to get in touch with our old frnds… 🙂 Social networking sites are put to best use for this. 🙂

    Yeah facebook is the best.Search for the school name u will the list of students from the school…

    U didnt tell us, how did RR trace you ???? 😉 That’ll make an interesting story… 😉

    Her son opened her profile and searched me by my school name,and she saw my picture and sent me a request.

    Have fun…. 🙂

    We had fun,it was wonderful non stop talking for 3 hours….

  3. Wow… have fun akka.. Its always good to see the people whom we have shared a lot during childhood days… 🙂

    We had wonderful time and recollected so many things we all used to do in the school…

  4. WOWOW.. excellent Now this i love, this year in sept we have our school founders days and it seems a lot of people will turn up and i plan to go there tooo.. so it will be fun to meet the 10th class friends .. I have indeed met a lot of friends on FB and its been great .. I remember the faces of all the GIRLS 🙂 he he he he

    In school reunions one can meet there teachers as well no…

    Only faces of girls not boys….

    Have fun and enjoy the day

    Thanks we had so much of fun and parted with a ice cream….

  5. Forget reunions after many years, I forget people even after a couple of years. When I was in school, I was speaking to someone for about ten minutes (after meeting him on road) – looks that he was from my earlier school and other than that, I knew nothing about him – This after meeting him just after two years of leaving that school! But somehow managed to hide my ignorance during that meet… I am quite good at that 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    Me too forget people faces but try hard not to show it like u.

  6. FB is truly amazing, i have connected with a few of my friends from primary school 🙂
    We had a get together last year after 24 years of passing out from 10th and out of 62 in the class, almost 30 turned. Some of us were meeeting after all of those 24 years.
    Gosh, I am so ancient!

  7. Oh….. its a wonderful feeling….. stumbling upon some old friend online…….social networking does have its advantages…… I hope you have a good time meeting your friend 🙂

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