Wordless Wednesday — 24

Granny’s beads work on a cloth.She did this when she was 60+,sad she is no more with us.


17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — 24

  1. That should have taken a huge amount of time! Once we had crafts class and we had to do hemming. I was too lazy to do it and got punished also, for not doing it. I then gave it to my grandmother and she did it for me 🙂

    I remember in my SUPW class my class boys used to make excuses to miss the class….

    Destination Infinity

  2. Header is awesome…I stopped there for a sec while scrolling down 🙂

    Thanks,actually this pic was my wordless wednesday–22 celestialray suggested me to put it as a header.

    Lovely…grandmothers are precious….you dont’ find those talents easily handed down generation after generation…

    Yeah i have not seen anyone in my family doing it after she passed away.

  3. Beautiful somehow I feel that as our elders are going to a better place we are looosing a lot of culture and heritage.
    Soon this will onky be seen in museams or craft shows

    Ofcourse they have gone to a better place.

  4. WOW, very beautifully done. 🙂 🙂 So much patience is needed for this work. 🙂

    Yeah she used to sit and dig her head into that cloth and used to stitch it….

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