What brought a smile???

Took varu to a pediatrician as she is down with throat infection.I am visiting this doctor after 14 years.I didn’t introduce myself to him as i went today as a mother of a sick child.To my surprise when he saw me he recognized me and said “why you left Cipla”.Oh my god he remembers me as a girl who used to work in Cipla in the year 1997.I was so happy and i was all smiling.Doctors sees many companies representatives everyday and he remembered me and my company.I am so happy today.I miss u Cipla……

Not only the doctor but the attender  too recognized me and said madam you make forget me but I remember you very well,you are from cipla and you are the few girls who are in these jobs and you used to come by kinetic Honda.Now this made me miss my kinetic honda.

Pinky saw me going to doctor by walk and she felt bad.When i came back this is what she said

Pinky: Amma I will buy pink scooter and you sit behind me and I will take you where ever you want.

Me:-What about varunavi ?

Pinky:For a moment she was silent then said in front me there is one hole and varunavi will sit in that hole (she meant the leg space in front of the driver)

16 thoughts on “What brought a smile???

  1. That should have been a difficult job, the traveling and all that… But that gives a lot of exposure…

    Yeah it involved lots of travelling and i used to enjoy very bit of it.Used to travel to mumbai,chennai and bangalore many times.

    Destination Infinity

  2. You must enjoyed your job, Saritha!

    It was my first job and my first love.Still regret of leaving that job after 10 years of leaving that job….

    So, Pinkuda likes Pink scooter… all children seem to like pink! You have got lovely girls, who know to express their love to you, Saritha! You are very lucky!

    Yeah these girls are crazy about pinky,once pinky asked me to give her pink carrot…..

    Thanks sandhya and hugs…

  3. Awww… Pinkuda’s so so sweet! Give the little princess a hug will ya? 🙂

    Gave ur hugs to her…
    And you must have been quite remarkable at what you did because the doctor and the attendant remembered you so well! 🙂
    That must have made you feel really proud of yourself! 🙂 🙂

    I really felt so happy and came back and called husband and told him..

  4. Oh this made me miss the two wheeler rides.. 🙂

    Welcome here pepper

    Yeah,it is such a wonderful feeling to drive alone and no need of a driver (husband) to take me around…..

  5. Wow, that is truly great Sari. To be remembered after all these years. It also means you have not changed much 🙂

    I always have a feeling that i have changed but when people remember me it makes me happy that i have not changed at all

  6. It feels wonderful doesn’t it when they remember? I used to work with one of my previous company’s banking product, and used to go quite regularly to banks in Bangalore – some 10 years back, and even now if we come across them, they are so wonderful, it certainly makes my day 🙂

    That is such a wonderful feeling no,when people remember u even after so many years,they may see many people like us but still remember us.

    And Pinky is a little darling! Hugs!

    Hugs 🙂

  7. So cute girls u have, Sari. 🙂 Many hugs to them. 🙂

    I can totally understand when u said, that u felt so happy that someone remembered u from 1997. I too have such moments, when I came back to Chennai, and its such a feeling to melt ur heart. 🙂

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