Guess this……

This is the cake baked by the same baker about whom i mentioned in my previous post.Can anyone guess  the picture on the cake???

Eddited to add:- This was supposed to be a spiderman cake,which my sister got it baked for my nephew on his birthday on 4th feb by the same baker who baked barbie cake.

Now this is my last post on cakes,won’t bore you all with the cakes any more 😀 😀 😀



15 thoughts on “Guess this……

  1. I haven’t the slightest idea 😦 I asked Poohi and she says a bird!

    Ha ha ha good guess cat but it is supposed to be a spiderman cake.

    Heading over to your previous post.

  2. SOmeone trying to either put a tiara on head or stealing it .. that blue looks like a crown TIARA sort of
    but the cake indeed looks delicious yummy

    Actually it looks like some bird with a hat,but it is supposed to be a spiderman cake.See the lines the blue lines which are supposed to be the spider web

  3. This is spiderman???!!!?? 😯 From which angle? 😯 😯
    I can’t figure it out! *scratches head*

    When i saw the cake,i was stopping myself not to laugh as before i was appreciating that guy for the barbie cake and doesnt want to offend him by laughing.I did asked him whether he has not seen any spiderman on tv…

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