When you least expect it…..

Day before yesterday was varu’s 7th birthday.Did lot of research to bake a Barbie cake which she wanted after seeing smitha’s birthday cake which she did for poohi’s on her birthday.Checked her post may be 100  times.But daughter was not confident on her mom and she wanted a cake baked by a professional baker unlike a self-declared baker like me.

Went to couple of bakeries which are famous in my area and they showed me snaps of Barbie cakes which they downloaded from internet.And the price they said was Rs.1500/-.I was not confident on them and went to a small bakery close to my house.

Went there just to talk to him about the cake for a couple of times.Download a picture of Barbie cake in my mobile and showed him.Brought a duplicate Barbie doll and gave him and also showed him how to cut the skirt of barbie.He was very patience and talked to me very humbly when i asked him many questions.

It always happens no when u least expect you will that from there.That bakery is very tiny with a small kitchen behind and 3 guys working in that bakery.Learnt a lesson not to under-estimate anyone.

I was worried how the cake will come and what colours he will use.The baker said madam don’t worry i will use the best ingredients and the colour.You just come on 1st at around 6 in the evening.I forced him to give me by 4 incase that doesn’t come out well i still have time to buy another cake for the birthday party we were having that evening.

The cake came out so well.Daughter loved it.But my heart cried when i was cutting the cake.The skirt was so pretty and told daughter that this is the last time that i did Barbie cake for you.

Thanks you all the guys and girls for the wishes,she was all smiling when i got sms as on when i got messages in my facebook.Hugs to u all……

20 thoughts on “When you least expect it…..

  1. So nice….even I dont feel like cutting such a beautiful cake.

    And so glad abt the success of the bday party and all….looks like Varu had a great time… 🙂 God bless her. 🙂 🙂

    She had a wonderful time uma….

  2. Belated Happy Bday to varu 🙂
    Cake is soooooooooo pretty….As its already been cut, so now I want to eat it 🙂
    I will also order barbie cake for angel’s bday…:-)

    Thanks rashmi,do order barbie cake for angel’s bday.She will love it…

  3. I was wondering if even the doll was a cake! When I was very very young, I went to see the exhibits of a cake competition. My family (it was a joint family back then) also participated with a swimming pool cake which won the third prize 🙂 I still remember how elated everyone were… How I miss that joint family 😦

    First time i heard about swimming pool cake,let me google to see how it looks.My mom’s family was joint family but later on after the marriage of the youngest brother joint family broke.We used to have fun in summer at my granny’s place with all the cousins

    Destination Infinity

  4. Ahaaa all the blogworld kiddies are getting barbie cakes… 🙂 Lovely cake… how do you cut them, such a pity! hugs and wishes for the birthday girl… 🙂

    I was really feeling bad cutting the skirt,took couple of pictures and by seeing the kids getting restless i was forced to cut it….

    Thanks and hugs from her…

  5. hmmm loved the cake and yes never under-estimate .. and never go by what u see .. cause looks cane be diecieving . the FIRST RULE TAUGHT TO US in our training..
    never make ur mind at first look .. ok ok sorry lecture ho gaya

    Nahi,aap sahi bola,looks pe kabi nahi jana chaheha

    so how did little Varu celebrate her birthday.. she had fun yayyyyyyyyy 🙂

    She had a wonderful birthday….

  6. The baker did a very good job, Saritha and you must have taken so much effort to explain to him, how it should be!

    Other would have shouted at me,but this baker is a nice person and he was very patient and did exactly what i wanted.

    Happy to know that Varu enjoyed her birthday party! The children will always remember these things when they grow up!

    Ya she loved and the cake is a hot topic in her class the next day.

  7. Wow! That is amazing, isn’t it? Especially when you don’t expect it at all!

    Ya,very bad i should not have under estimated those guys…

    You know, Sari, you should try making it too 🙂 And am sure Varu and Pinky will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

    Me to wanted to do,will try next time without telling them that i am doing it.

    It’s such a lovely cake! I have Poohi with me and she now wants a cake just like this for her next birthday 🙂

    Lucky girl poohi is,her mom will do for her next birthday 🙂

    1. Husband has forbidden me from baking her party cake – too much tension, and I become a nervous wreck by the time it is done 🙂 I play to make a small cake for her for home this time.

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