Who is this??

Any guesses???

Edited to add:-It’s me.Most of you got it right,i think the bindi is the big hint.This drawing was done by pinkuda and the best part was my hair,she knows my hair is thin……



44 thoughts on “Who is this??

  1. That at least looks like the portrait of a person.

    I went to one painting competition and painted a chariot with horses, emperors and warriors and made it look like fire was coming out of their mouth (some scene in mahabharata). One of the parents looking at the drawings told me that my painting of scenery with mountains was very good!! That was the last painting competition I attended 😛

    Destination Infinity

        1. Sure will tell her and she liked ur shoes in the diwali pic as well.There mom is very boring for them as she wear all simple no heal slippers and when ever they see something nice they want it for them

      1. Naah…the picture looks like that…. 😉 😉 U are the sweetest lady around….I’ll never say anything abt u….. (what all ppl do for hyd dum chicken briyani… 😉 😉 )

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