What you get from blogging??

Many of my friends and relatives don’t know that i have two blogs (this one and the food blog).I never update my Facebook or twitter with my blog posts. Few days back i casually told a friend of mine that i write two blogs and her immediate question was “what you get from writing blogs,do you get paid ??”

What i get from blogging??

This is one of the  comments i got about my recipes in my food blog

“i made this recipe today…it was too good…thanks a lot maam…:) — comment by ramya

The below comment was for hyderabadi biryani

This is really a well laid out website. I love how your posts tie in with the food and drink theme so well. You seem to really love your site. I myself love to read up on recipes

Few days back got this mail

Was going through your blog today, was just wondering simple the recipes are ..
really enjoying…

bye tc.

Mohini Vikas

This is another comment for Hyderabadi bagara rice.

Just cooked Bagara rice in your style, came out well, thanks for sharing the                        recipe…:)

And this sms from Uma

Hey,guess what? I made the dum chicken biryani as per ur recipe.It was awesome.All of us gobbled it up.Special hugs for super recipe.

And this comment from Smitha

Sari, Made this today 🙂 I love your recipes they are always great!

Who doesn’t love appreciation,i love to get such comments.Comments like these motivates me to blog more.I work so hard to post a recipe.Everyone at home has to wait to eat the food cause i will be busy in clicking the snaps of the food in different angles (but end up in posting only one).After taking the snap,i transfer them to laptop and then edit it in Picasa.And write post and upload pictures and post it.

Want to hear from you all what you get from blogging??

13 thoughts on “What you get from blogging??

  1. I like blogging because it’s an outlet for me to chronicle my days and my thoughts. And I love the interaction in the comment space too.

    Me always look forward for the comments….

  2. Wow! 🙂
    That great Sari ! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks pixie,i love comments like this,thanx

    U know when u all call me sari,i feel such a warmth and love

    For Me – it’s my outlet, its given me friends like you who are so very precious! 🙂

    Thanks a lot and hugs for our friendship

  3. It is always nice to hear appreciation for our work or whatever we do! For me too, I have changed a lot after I started blogging! I take a long time to mingle with people and become friends. It was easy when I was young…the common thread was children. Now this blogging is slowly helping me to come out and express myself to people, even unknown people seem to be OK, now!

    Me too changed a lot,i take time to mingle with people but blogging has given me so much confidence in myself that i don’t think twice to talk to any unknown person.

    Your food blog is beautiful, I have noticed Saritha and I noticed you do nearly photoblogs, which is good for cooking new recipes!

    Thanks sandhya and hugs for the sweet words,i am loving it

  4. oh yes appreciating is always goood .. what i get from blogging well I started blogging in good times , then DOOMSDAY arrived and a lot happened and blah bla hblah .. I stopped blogging , got emails etc from friends as if they knew something went wrong and these are the people whom i had never met , left a comment here and there on blog.. over time i started to smile and so many more people i got to know , you and many many others ..

    Me too stopped blogging for some time and i got emails to come back.We never met in person but miss each and every single blogging friend if we don’t find them in blogsphere.

    SO thats what i get from Blogging , the feeling of lvoe and care … which makes the opening of the blog page warm and brings a smile 🙂

    Warmth and big smile—so true

    and ur food recipes , Well i am sorry i shud have told you I have that Hyderabadi Biryani and Took it with me to station and the whole pot got eaten within a minute it was yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and My bad I shud have told you earlier THANK YOU ….

    U made biryani? that’s great.Glad u all liked it.I was just wondering whether u got all the ingredients.Thanks for trying it out.

    and hey on other thoughts when u put food on table and YOU take pics and blog and do all that WHEN DO YOU EAT 🙂 he he he hehe

    I don’t immediately blog, when i am free and when kids are sleeping i write the post and upload the pics.

  5. Its always good when people take a little help from us and appreciate us for that… truly blogging is wonderful in that part 🙂

    I always loved to receive comments in my posts and that makes me happy 🙂 🙂

    Me too 🙂

  6. Initially, I started blogging because it was a medium to express my creative writing. I liked writing poems/ stories/ essays back in sch/coll but then lost touch till this medium came by. There on, I found some like minded people (its very difficult to find such people in the real world), which I loved about blogging.

    In real world no one has time to sit and talk,it is only in the virtual world that we talk and chat with the like minded people

    Then, I created a technical website and I am actually earning out of it (not much) but I have taken two breaks from my job – 6 months each to create that website – So, a lot of work has gone into it. Its very difficult to earn from blogs and a lot of hard work is required (at least initially). Its a gamble professionally and personally. But for me, the biggest question that I ask myself before venturing into such things is – Would I be proud of such a creation even if I don’t get money from it? If my answer is yes, I would gladly venture.

    I never thought of earning from blogging but a friend of my food blog suggested me to use google ads but till now i never checked if i have earned anything.

    You may not believe it, blogging has helped transform my personality. Initially, I used to participate in a lot of debates on blog and its because of them that I have developed a proper perspective on life. I have never traveled, but now I travel to post on my blog. I had stopped reading books, but now I am reading them to review them on my blog. I do a lot of research/ referring (1-2 days) before I write a single article on my technical blog, and that has given me a good outlook and a lot of knowledge about the field that I work on (Computer Networking).

    Hardly i used to read before blogging but when i saw a post of IHM and her list made me to buy books and read.Now i read a lot.I should say that my english has improved a lot by reading the blogs.

    So, as you can see, Blogging sort of transformed me. 🙂

    Me too transformed a lot after blogging….

    Destination Infinity

  7. I get nothing from blogging. at least you get appreciative emails / msgs. I dont get that either. But i have been blogging for more than 5 yrs now.

    I remember once i wrote “U know most of ur post are bouncers to me……”

    Maybe iam mad 😉

    No you are not,i get mad by reading ur post on shares and stocks….

    1. i got interested in stocks about 6 odd years ago and it got stuck to me like glue. the interest hasnt waned.

      But ya, blogging has made me read more, invest more, save more….

      I was forced to read about stocks etc during my pg but i never had interest in them.

  8. U r so rt Sari. The love and all that warmth we get here, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else 🙂 Money can never ever make up for it 🙂

    Actually i felt bad when my friend said do u earn from blogging…..

  9. Oh, those appreciations mean so much, Sari…You are brilliant with ur recipes and u certainly deserve them all….that Briyani was damn yummy. 🙂 😛 😛

    Thank u so much and glad u liked the biryani

    Lots of hugs, to keep u going and posting more recipes…. 🙂 🙂 I promise to be the taster, when I come to ur home… 😛 😛

    Sure uma come to hyd will serve ur choice of dishes….

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