Wordless Wednesday – 16


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 16

  1. me first! 😀

    Ya ya

    A shop for “lady’s” with a family touch?! LOL!
    I can’t help, but wonder – what’s available there!!! :mrgreen:

    All lady’s iteams are available 😉

  2. Dricling Sarees is just precious! and that tagline of the shop is ROFL!

    Hahahah! Good thinking of you to have clicked this! 😀

    My friend has a collection of such “interesting” ads and signages… My fav in her collection was one for a new saree shop…. it shows a woman with the pallu of saree flying away…and the headline says “Opening Shortly”

    Rofl,too good.How they come with those punch lines 😀 😀

    hahah! I’ll mail it to you if i find it! 😀

    Do check and send me the mail.

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