Wordless Wednesday – 15

The sad state of our temples at Pandharpur,Sholapur


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 15

  1. I luv the first pic 🙂 Has that nice old feel 🙂

    But when u actually see the temple u will feel bad,inside it is so dirty no one will dare to go inside and even the idols are missing in that temple

  2. wow! the temple is really beautiful!

    The sculpture on the pillars are superb i dont know how people can spoil them with writing there names on them
    It’s really sad how our historical monumnets have been left to ruin 😦

    I wish there was more awareness and people didn’t spoil such beautiful structures…

    Most of the people who can’t afford a hotel, sleep in that temple and throw the litter around

  3. thats our great nation… we do nothing to preserve our history …

    I have so much anger against the so called religious leaders they have enough to say about everything , making money for themselves but look at the state of historical places …

    Even in Ayodhya where both Hindu leaders and Muslim leaders fought for the ram janam boohmi,the village is so backward,instead of spending money to fight the court case they would have utilized the money to improve the village.

    I loved the pics though looks so nice is fully restored it wud be magnificient …

    I loved the first pic,had it been restored it would have look like this Picture

  4. I always love the old temples than the new ones. The first picture is very good, Saritha. We have got many temples like these and they build new temples on the roadside and come for donations!

    Me too liked the first pic sandhya,if it was coloured like my previous ww pic from the same place,i would look beautiful.

  5. Kill in the name of religion, yes
    Restore old temples for preserving the same, no 😐

    In that place there were few more temples like this which also need restoration,they mainly concentrated on the main temple not the small temples like these.


  6. I just hope people spend more time and money to take care of all this ancient well carved and thought out designs of architecture… I have been to some really shabby temples and churches, where there are scribblings all over the place and then the dirt, seems like there is water for everything out there, even for the people to wash away their sins but not a single bucket to wash the floors!!

    I don’t know why people keep their house clean and litter the public places,crazy and irresponsible people.

    On the other hand there are some ultra clean well maintained ones where I had hiccups to step into because it was so clean… no footwear not a speck of dust or a pebble inside..

    The most cleanest temple i have ever visited was ISKON temple in mumbai.

    Hope people show enthusiasm in restoring these like the enthusiasm for their prayers….

    People want god to grant wishes but they don’t show respect to the people who carved these temples

    1. That’s a long comment, hope you have a wonderful long year like the comment and happiness just flows unlimited, Saritha 🙂

      Thanx a lot PNA and wish u the same 🙂

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