Think before coming to City of Pearls

Dear Visitor to my city

Maybe i am rude to say that before coming to city of pearls ie Hyderabad (also known as cyberabad) think.If you have close friends,relative or acquaintance who will take you around the city in their own transport then you come and have a good time here.But if you don’t know anyone here you will be taken for ride by our beloved auto rickshaw walas.

They don’t charge you for the meter cause they hardly use the meter.They hate to use the meter which is tampered,if you don’t agree for the amount they ask you to pay,you have to talk to 10-15 autos.Even after getting an auto who uses the meter you end up paying 3 times more than the actual fare.

Now latest it that they have gone for a bandh (which has become so common to force the govt to accept their demands) for a hike in the minimum fare from Rs.12/- to Rs.14/-.Government agreed to their demands.Now when ever you agree to go by auto using the tampered meter then the auto walla will remove a card and checks the amount of the fare and you have to pay more than Rs.20-30 more than the actual tampered auto fare.

Don’t say no one has told you about the auto wallas of hyderabad.Any one from Hyderabad will echo the same.

Still if  you have decided to come to hyd,wait till the Sri Krishna Committee report on separate telangana state which will be submitted any time before 31st december.If it is for separate telangana or unified Andhra Pradesh there will be chaos in the city.If at all you have planned to come before 31st december 2010 then also you will find the city in big chaos as opposition party leader and ex-cm of Andhra Mr.Chandrababu Naidu is fasting unto death to meet his demands for increasing ex-gratia to the farmers.It is 7 days now and he is refusing to eat and govt is refusing to accept his demands and if something goes wrong then can’t predict what will happen in the state.

Otherwise you are welcome to the Hyderabad.It is a wonderful place to live.

All the best for your plans and regards

Telugu Homemaker 🙂

PS:-Lifted the idea of writing a letter from deeps without her permission.

Edited to add:- Mr.Chandra babu naidu was forced to stop his fast and he is back home now. 😀


13 thoughts on “Think before coming to City of Pearls

  1. Mana Hyderabad sadly is driving away ppl huh 😛

    Ya YA mana hyd and i love you for this.You were in my thoughts when i was writing this post

    I echo I echo I echo Sari 😀

    Thanks for echoing with me 🙂

  2. 🙂 ok when i land in hyderabad i shall make sure .. as such i prefer walking so i will od that ..

    Why walking when i am there to take u around the city,inform me when u are coming 🙂

    I visited hyderabad years ago 1992 in think … stayed in a hostel i dont remeber much now , osmania university was 10 minutes walk from there , i remeber we walked to msot places at that time …

    Oh u visited hyd before,it was much better than compared to the transport we have now.

  3. Naidu is the biggest power hungry person around. Jagan is no different. He thinks the CM post is his family property. KCR can be bought over by a few bottles of liquor. The CM is busy pampering Sonia auntie.

    Thanks for taking time on Christmas day to write comment here,fully agree with what u said.

    Wonder why the autowallahs are playing truant.

    They just want to earn money by hook or crook ways.

  4. Not only Hyderabad, our Chennai autowallahs are not any better. If we want to go anywhere by auto, we have to be ready for a fight (bargain), esp. if you take an auto from the local auto stand, as soon as we reach the stand. 4-5 drivers will surround you and bargain. We sometimes feel scared. So we walk some more, reach the main road and catch an auto from the road.

    But Hyderabad is giving new news everyday and Naidu has stopped his fast now, thank god. Otherwise another reason for the miscreants to restart their rowdiism.

    1. Sandhya we hardly have auto stands here,even if we have i dont feel like going there because they all sit together and chat loudly,So i always avoid auto stands and walk further to get a auto and i have to walk so much to get a auto.And when i tell the auto wallah that i need to go a certain clinic they ask for more money inspite me carrying the kid.They just take advantage of the situation because they know that we are in a urgency to go the clinic that too for the kid.

      Hyderabad is in the news for wrong reasons 😦

  5. The problem with Hyderabad is not auto walas but not the presence of an effective public transport system.. the only place where I have used autos extensively is Hyderabad akka 🙂 and trust me.. they are better than Chennai Autowalas.. but in Chennai you will have the option of bus or train..

    No kanagu bus service is very good in hyd but they are very crowded and much time is gone in travelling if we opt for bus so to avoid the crowd and the minimize the travelling people opt for autos.Even hyd they are starting MMTS trains within the city and we have MMTS outside the city as well connecting the hitech city.

    And for telangana issue.. last year I am the sufferer.. thankfully I came over then and meet you, Swaram and all 🙂 🙂

    Oh its been a year we all met,time just flews no…..

    hope this year there is no such problem…

    Hope so…

  6. When I came to Hyderabad a couple of years ago, the amounts autos in the city charged were quite ok, for the distance and the traffic, of course they didn’t use meter. But for the same distance in Coimbatore or any other part of TN, I would have paid double the amount!! My best experiences with autos were with Kerala. They put the meter every time, and only once did they charge 1.5 times of the meter. But we had problems with auto guys near the golconda fort. Half way, he suddenly says that meter is not working!!

    Destination Infinity

    1. What i used to pay here in 2007,i am paying the same amount now.All the meters were tampered then and now.

      Ya that is also another trick which i forgot to mention,they stop the meter in the mid and we don’t realize until we get down and end up paying what he ask us to pay.

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