Wordless Wednesday – 14

Edited to add :-Sorry for the poor quality of the pc,i took this with my mobile,it is a worm


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 14

  1. Among the smaller insects, I like lizards. They just seem to know what to do and what not to do in our house! I hate cockroaches – they are the reverse! Then there are spiders, which just don’t care about humans! Once, one spider was hanging right behind my head and to make it go off, I blew some air. It thought, there was some flaw in the web and went up to correct the thread (joint) from which it was hanging and came right back to its position!! 🙂

    U seem to be so cool when u saw the spider hanging,i would have jumped with fear.

    Destination Infinity

    Me too hate cockroaches but they are not much here compared to dubai,it is horrible there.Inspite of doing pest control they come into the house.Mostly when a new neighbour comes next to us flat then it was sure that new cockroaches will get into the house.

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