Pinkuda speaks……

Pinky:Amma why buffalo do potty on the roads??


Pinky :Sweaters shops will have sweaters

Laptop shops will have laptops

Switch shops will have switch.

Sweets shops will have sweets

Dresses shops will have dresses.

Bed shops will have beds

Hands shops will have hands

Me:what hands shop?

Pinky:-Ayyo amma hands shop is sai baba’s shop.

Me:-Where is this shop?

Pinky:-In the skyyyy.


Pinky :-What sun gives us?


Pinky :- What moon gives us?

Me:- I don’t know 😦

Pinky:-Moon gives us chapati,chocolates,ice cream,biscuits,cakes……..


15 thoughts on “Pinkuda speaks……

  1. Ha ha ha! She knows it all 🙂
    Wonder how she came up with hands shop 🙂 Very cute 🙂

    Even i was wondering what made her say that,usually if don’t want her to do certain thing i tell her,u should not do cause sai baba is watching u and he will give u chocolates if u don’t do that thing.

  2. Pinky is becoming an expert in all things! I loved the ‘hands’ explanation, great!

    Will tell u one more today she came home and said her friend vomitted puri and she said “i told him not to eat puri again,eat chapati like me and u won’t vomit..”

  3. Pinky:Amma why buffalo do potty on the roads??

    Answer: because their parents never taught them good bathroom habits 😉

    U know if i say this to her,she says why they didnt taught good habits,u go and teach them 😉

    btw, great questions there by Pinky. Am sure u are gonna have a great time answering her questions in future.

    She has became very talkative these days

  4. Awww, Pinkuda is a darling! Know what, have a suggestion! You should have a separate page dedicated to Pinkuda in your blog, like how Smits has for Poohi? Oh she is going to churn out so many more pearls like such that you can share with all of us, Sari!

    Will copy the idea of smiths here.Thanks

  5. Maybe there house did not have a toliet 🙂

    Why there house don’t have toilets?

    he heheh in the skyyy i cant see the hands … I ma surely missing something ..

    U can’t see the hands cause hands are in the shop and shop is in the sky 😉

    and the mon JAI HO 🙂

    lovely god bless her… awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww



    1. ohh see i told you i am missing soemthing its the SHOP, now i got to and see the shop in the sky and then probably throguh a window or soemthign see the hands hmmmmmmmmmm…

  6. that potty question is priceless! When she asks “bathroom” related questions, call up Vimmuuu saar and ask him to answer! :mrgreen:

    Waiting for vimmu to comment here and tells us the answer

    Sai baba shop is hands shop, in the sky!!!! ((((((((((cuddle hugs)))))))))))
    she is precious!!! tee hee!!!

    The moon gives us all these things???!!!!! The sun is quite boring!

    Ya she likes moon a lot for chocolates and ice cream 😀

    Pinku is too darn cute! 😀

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