Hyderabadi Kacchi Gosh Ki Biryani


Warning:- Post is very lengthy but worth reading and making it.

When we think of biryani the first thing we get in our mind is the famous dum biryani of hyderabad.Apart from pearls hyderabad is famous for its dum biryani.Biryani is of two types pakki and kacchi gosh biryani.Pakki biryani is where mutton/chicken is cooked and layered with half-cooked rice and kacchi gosh is where raw mutton/chicken is layered with half-cooked rice.

Both of these types are cooked in dum i.e. A bowl is taken in which the mutton/chicken and rice are layered and sealed with chapathi dough and hot charcoal is placed above that and the flame is kept at low so that the mutton and the rice is cooked in  slow process. We must ensure that vapours do not escape. Sealing with the dough is a cumbersome process, so I use aluminium foil to seal it and don’t use charcoal. I have been cooking this biryani every Friday since last 7 years, one can only close to the art of mastering biryani by preparing it regularly.

Learnt this biryani from a aunty in Muscat (oman) who is from Hyderabad. Had many disaster with this like once forgot to add oil,didn’t add salt, didn’t add lemon. Here goes the recipe.



For the rice

Basmathi rice 1/2 kg soaked for 2 hrs

Cinnamon 3 pcs

Cloves 4

Shahi zeera 1 tbsp

Green chillies 4

Big elachi 1

Small elachi 2

Pudina 1/2-1 cup

Soak rice with all the above ingredients for 2-3 hours.

For mutton/chicken/lamb

Chicken 1/2 kg

Onions 4

Ginger garlic paste 1tbsp

Curd 2 cups

Cinnamon 2

Cloves 3

Shahi zeera 1/2 tbsp

Japatri little

Lemon 1 big

Red chilli powder 1 tsp

Elachi small 1

Pudina 1/2 cup

Green chillies 2 slited

Salt as per taste

For layers:-

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

Garam masala 1 tsp

Saffron a pinch Milk 1/2 cup Oil 1/2 cup

coriander 1 cup

Fried onions





Step 1

*Chop onions and deep fry onions.Keep half of the onions aside.

*Mix all the  ingredients for mutton and half of the onions and marinate for 2-3 hours preferably over night. (I usually soak it at night and next day i prepare biryani)

*Soak saffron in the milk for 2-3 hours.


Step 2*Soak rice and all the masala for the rice.Once the water starts boiling add the salt.Cook till rice is half-cooked.

*Drain all the water in a strainer

Step 3*In a thick bottom vessel spread 2 tbsp of oil.Spread half of the marinated chicken.

*Spread half of the rice.Sprinkle 1 tbsp of lemon juice,sprinkle garam masala,2tbsp of oil.

*Then spread rest of the chicken followed by rest of the rice.Sprinkle 1 tbsp of lemon juice,rest of the garam masala and 2 tbsp of oil.

*Now spread fried onions over the rice and sprinkle saffron soaked milk.

*Then spread coriander leaves.

Step 4

*Cover the vessel with aluminium foil and put it on the stove.

*Firstly put it on a high flame for 30 sec and reduce to low flame and cook exactly for 30 minutes.

*Once switch off the flame,don’t open.Let it stand for another 10-12 minutes.

This is best served with mirchi salan and raita.

Note: Oil which is used to deep frying onions can be used in the layers.

Vapours should not escape, the foil should be very tight and if possible place a container with water above the foil so that vapours doesn’t escape.

enjoy biryani……………………………

22 thoughts on “Hyderabadi Kacchi Gosh Ki Biryani

  1. I want this now, Sari!!! It looks absolutely delicious! Even if I don’t eat mutton 🙂

    Thanx smiths,u can replace mutton with chicken/veggies.I prefer chicken

  2. The Biryani looks too good .I am a vegetarian but i am going to prepare this for my kids and hubby — my daughter loves biryani .You love cooking ,it is evident from your post.

    Thanks kavitha,would love to hear from u after preparing the biryani

  3. Aiyooooo… that looks wonderful!!

    The only biryani i’ve been eating ever since i gave up meat is egg biryani that mom makes. I’ll share this with her, she can make it for dad and herself!

    Meat can be replaced with chicken or veggies .Btw i love malabar biryani get the recipe for aunty no if possible.

    and knowing her, she’ll do a version that i can eat!!! tee hee!!

    Lovely pics as well Sari!! You must be a champ in Dum Biryanis by now!

    Its is more of husband force and interest that i learned making it and i am loving it now.

  4. This looks like a photo blog…the preparation itself is explained in photos. You seem to be a good cook, Saritha! Good!

    Thanks sandhya,all credit goes to hubby who is a big fan of biryanis and forced me learn it.

  5. wow!! Looks delicious! 🙂

    Thanx pixie

    We can substitute the meat with veggies right? Will try it out .. 🙂

    U can substitute meat with chicken or veggies,will do with veggies and will post it soon

  6. all the images were making me really hungry by this time 😦 😦

    Not the best time to visit this post.. 😦

    Come and visit me us,will make this for u thambi 🙂

  7. OMG !!!! Sari, I am catching the flight now to Hyd…. U just know how to tempt me and come running to Hyd !!!! 😛 😛 😛

    Will wait for ur arrival here uma 🙂

    Thats damn delicious…..btw, have u posted this in ur food blog ????

    This was posted long back in my food blog and this post gets maximum hits after Hyderabadi bagara rice

    Tell me, which is more tastier – kachi or pakki ????? Which one do they make in restaurants ????

    Kachi taste better than pakki.Paradise biryani i think is kachi uma,don’t have much idea as i hardly eat biryani in restaurants other than paradise.

    Now, I am off to buy a big cooker or pot to make this…..mouth-watering Briyani…..Oh Sari, I just love u for this recipe. I love u more, when u make this for me…..sure I am crash-landing at ur place….. 😉 😉 😛 😛 😛

    Do buy a thick bottom with good depth vessel.Me too love u uma and super tight hugs and will wait for u
    Am hungry now…..

  8. Wow!! what a time to do a post on hyd mutton biryani with eid gone by.

    My mom makes the most amazing kacche gosht ki biryani. We actually hosted a dinner the day after Eid and mom made this biryani. It was heavenly. I think gosht shud not be replaced with chicken or veggies in this recipe. It won’t do justice! This coming from a biryani fanatic! 😉

    This is exactly what i think gosht can’t be replaced with chicken or veggies,but i stopped eating gosht so has to satisfy myself with chicken

  9. WEll this SATURDAY will be cooking timeeeeeeee 🙂 cant wait two days to go thanks for the detailed way you have put the recipeee..

    and not to worry about the lengthy process as saturday No work all day is my day he heeheh 🙂

  10. hey dude the way u showed is not as simple as it looks,may be it worked for you but cooking raw meat with rice is not so easy. i have tried it many times,very hard to balance.and yes the only tenderizer you used was lemon and curd thats not enough dude stop fooling people

    1. Thanks for commenting on my recipe. If you are not aware of it, hyderabadi’s cook their biryani with RAW meat. Maybe you didn’t marinate the meat for enough time. The experienced and popular chefs who cook Indian food use raw mutton. If still in doubt check youtube videos of Sanjeev Kapoor and Vah Re vah chef’s videos. I am here to share my recipes with the world and with my friends who appreciate my work and i don’t have any intention to fool people….It’s not my hobby….Thanks for taking time to comment here..

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