A bit show off in me — Hyderabadi dum biryani

After clicking this picture i was patting my back that the snap has came out very well.And also the biryani came out very well.This biryani i learnt if from a neighbour in muscat who was from hyd.Intially i was relutant to learn as i was not that found of biryani.But hubby is a great fan of biryani and he forced me to ask that aunty to teach me.Aunty was very sweet she came home and showed me how to make it.So i have been making biryani almost very friday since last 7 years until 6 months.I made this last sunday after a gap of six months.But every time before opening the lid of the biryani i get cold feets.



15 thoughts on “A bit show off in me — Hyderabadi dum biryani

  1. looks yummy. i think you posted the recipe on your food blog rite.

    Yes i have this recipe in my food blog.Was planning to make biryani for u in ur last visit

    i need to try it out sometime.

    Do try and let me know

  2. you cna pat yourself for srue .. BUT NOT FAIR .. how can u put such a delicious picture and then not tell us how to ..

    and to make matters worse i have jsut made some plain rice and I am hungry and seeing this is making me feel so bad .. How can i eat the food now after seeing this picture..

    SO just to make you feel bad I wont eat tonight … there you go

    recipee a must


      1. I blame you for that … let me make you more guilty YES i slept empty stomach booo hooo 😦

        Oh don’t sleep empty stomach it is not good.

        i definitely did not eat the plain rice i made 🙂

        Don’t torture yourself

        and yayyyyyyyyyy thanks for the recipe and not today Saturday this on the menu for sure .. and oh yes you will know after all if i cant cook properly i have to blame someone he he ehehehe 🙂

        Follow exactly the recipe and any doubt mail me will try to reply soon,i am sure u won’t go wrong


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