My little Saina

Pinkuda what is your name??

My name is sainaa nehwall,I play badminton.

 Pinky school had exhibition,India and global world–A panoramic view.Indian sports was the topic of pinky’s class and pinky was Saina Nehwal.Her teacher taught her how to play with the racket which is of her height.Pinky loved the way she was dressed with a mole on her cheek like Saina and black thread around her neck.

Nursery -- Sports World

Each student was portraying one sport.There was one small Sachin with a bat which of his size,a boy was sitting in a sand pit (khusti),a small Vishwanth Anand playing chess,a boxer etc.All the tiny tots were looking so cute.Hat off to the teachers who take so much pain to groom the future kids. 

LKG--Fusion Food

The topic of LKG was fusion food.Here the kids showed indian and other countries food which is eaten in india.Each kid spoke about each food like KFC,Pizza,Noodles,Indian thali etc.

Indian Food Culture--UKG

UKG topic was indian food culture.Here all types of food which is eaten in india was shown as well as healthy and unhealthy food was shown.The indian food like dosa,idly,roti,murukulu etc was shown.

The exhibition started at 9.00 in the morning and by 11.00 these kids were exhausted and when i went around at 12.00 many kids slept on the table,so teachers called their parents to take the kids home.It was very nice to see the kids talking about the sports and the food,i don’t know how much they understood but the way they were telling not to eat this,not to eat that was excellent.Hat off to the teachers.


11 thoughts on “My little Saina

  1. Awww! Your little Saina is the cutest, ever! I can imagine how much fun she must have had, dressing up as Saina Nehwal!

    Even now she thinks she is saina,so she clubs her name with saina and says sainapinky

    That sounds like such a fun and informative exhibition! I am sure that the children picked up a lot. Such exhibitions and project drive home things far better than textbooks 🙂 And I am sure they must have had a blast while doing it 🙂

    That exhibition was very informative and i too came to know about many new things.It was all about india,its culture,languages,festivals,history etc…

  2. So sweet 🙂 She looks adorable.These kind of activities are fun and educating .Learning through visuals and demonstrations is always fun .The kids are so tiny ,no wonder many of them slept .Please pinch our Saina Nehwal’s cheek from my side and when she says ‘ouch’,kiss her :):)

    Will do it kavitha

    Ya they are so small and u should hear them talking about the bad effects of junk food with the food on the table and poor kids didn’t touch the food at all.

  3. Luvv the way the school has planned the event. And our Saina looks chooo cute 🙂
    Varu had some children’s day celebs too?

    Thanks varu too had,her class topic was sanskrit,was not able to take pictures of her class.

  4. yayyy you go little one.. I am sure when she grows up she will make us all proud as saina nehwal has done the whole nation…


    Exhibition looks great, I am glad such things happen now in schools when i was a child such things did not happen, it was a different culture but nowaday kids so much exposure , the hidden talents come out earlier …

    Even we didnt get much exposure,but now a days schools are emphasing on our culture,tradition,languages etc of india.

    Good one and kudos to the school and the Teachers toooo 🙂


  5. Pinku looks so cute in the dress like Saina! She seems to be proud too! I love her pony tail!

    Thanks,she wants her hair long,but her hardly grows.

    This is like project work and in this way the children will remember what they learn and will never forget these things. I loved the healthy food/unhealthy food theme too!

    Before exhibition even i had much to do,i did 2 charts for each kid which took almost 3 hrs for each chart to do.

    The school and the teachers who have taken the effort to teach in this practical way is great.

    A big hug to all the teachers who groom the kids

    No wonder the tiny tots dozed off after the tiring day!

    They were left early and were given holiday on monday as well

  6. nobody wants to become an undertaker???? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Kids these days are well aware of whats happening around. At Pinkudas age, all I knew was Tom and Jerry ! 😀

    Me to same like u but not tom and jerry but spiderman and mogali

  7. she was too cute as Saina 🙂 🙂

    Thanks thambi

    Surely this will taught them a lot than those ABCD’s.. 🙂 YAY to the new age schools 🙂 🙂

    She hardly knows ABCD,she knows only A

  8. Awww…your little Saina is the cutest! You must have been so proud, sari! Hugs to Pinkuda, she is so adorable 🙂

    Can imagine how informative the exhibition would have been for the children. Its nice to see schools ensuring children gather knowledge and have fun at the same time. It becomes learning so much more enjoyable for the children, isnt it?

    1. Her mama was very proud of her and she was showing her to everyone.

      Hugs from pinkuda

      School are taking time out to educate them out of the school rooms as well.

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