Wordless Wednesday — 11

Father and Son

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — 11

  1. The tulips caught my eyes first, Saritha! Nice park with the father and son combo! Is this near your house?

    They are not tulips sandhya.

    No sandhya this park is near Kesara gutta temple which is a bit far from my house

  2. Wow! I wil go for a walk with Daddy when he comes here this time 🙂

    Take uncle and aunty to kesara gutta temple and this park is attatched to the temple.Don’t forgot to call me, will take a picture from behind when u a walk with uncle.

    I like the dog on the side too 😛 Totally Vimmuuu-like comment bcoz we r all missing him lol 😉

    Oh i didn’t notice that dog,btw where is vimmuu not seen at all

  3. Lovely park

    In hyd we hardly find any parks worth going with the kids.This park is attatched to a temple and it is located in the outskirts of hyd.The park is well maintained and not crowded and lots of greenery

  4. nice park..is this near to your house …..

    No rashmi this is little far from my house

    it would be so nice taking kids to park in eve…..

    In hyd we hardly find any park which are maintained properly.

  5. Soon he will be walking shoulder to shoulder with his Dad … bless

    i read people mention tulips where r they i cant see any, My favourite flower Tulips 🙂

    Tulips are not there in the snap,me too love tulipsBikram’s

  6. I do see Marigold header ….looks beautiful !

    Those are from my mom’s small graden on the terrace

    Father and son is a brilliant capture .I found the dog in the picture only after my daughter helped me 🙂

    Same pinch even i didn’t notice the dog until swaram pointed it.

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