Pinkuda speaks…..

Pinky and her granny had this below conversation today

Pinky:-You don’t come in MY plane (Angry on her granny)

Granny:-Ok i will go in MY plane 😉

Pinky:-I will go in British airlines 😀

Granny:- I will go in Indian airlines,i am true INDIAN

Pinky:- I am true DUBAI  😀 😀 😀


9 thoughts on “Pinkuda speaks…..

  1. LOL! She is a true ‘Dubai’! Dubai must be so proud of their proud citizen 🙂

    Ya Ya Ya,out of 10 her 8 words are about dubai,she is terrible missing dubai,that is where she thinks her house is there and we will go back there soon.

    Hugs to the little sweetheart!

    Pinky hugs u back

  2. Is she missing Dubai or her father? Children’s mind!

    Both sandhya,the later she uses to blackmail me 🙂

    (((Hugsss))) from Sandhya aunty also along with Smitha aunty to Pinku and Varu!

    Both hug u back sandhya

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Dubai should be so proud of Pinkuda 😉
    And I luvvv aunty 🙂 🙂 Hi5!

    Aunty wants to give u Hi5 personally

  4. ROFL!! Ummas to the Dubaikutty! She still hasnt come out of her Dubai hangover has she?? How sweet!

    She still thinks her house is there in dubai and she will be going there soon as she thinks she is still in vacation in hyd.

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