From where to start??

It is more than a month i did any post here.My laptop mother board has stopped working.Gave the laptop to my b-law to get it checked and his friend told me that my laptop is irreparable.

Didn’t want to buy a new one has got some financial commitments .Got net connection in my mobile,which helped me in reading blogs but was not able to comment in any.Few one or two comments i did but it was little difficult to do it.

Suddenly one day hubby brought laptop inspite of me telling him not to invest in the laptop.I was very happy to see the new laptop and also feeling bad that i have to part with my old ones which won’t fetch me much if i sell it.I am yet to transfer the data from my old laptop to this one.

I don’t know what to blog ? Last few days read few blogs to get any idea of what to write but not able to do so.My food blog i was able to update as i don’t have much to write there.

Did cup cake and dinosaurs crochet and a small artificial bonsai in my spare time when i didn’t had my laptop.

Tomorrow there is going to be parents teachers meeting and varu will be getting her quarterly results.She has seen the answer sheet but is not telling me,maybe she is scared of me.She little weak in hindi.


18 thoughts on “From where to start??

    1. Varu is a smart girl. Am sure she wil pik up Hindi too very soon 🙂

      Have to see how much she gets tomorrow in hindi

      Wow! Hv u uploaded the crochet here?

      New ones i have not uploaded,will do it shortly

      Blogging – All I do of late is post pics on Wednesday and Thursday lol 😉

      I know i saw few of our post

  1. Wonderful to see you here again, Sari 🙂

    I am feeling good to be connected with u all again.

    Good that you have a new laptop! Now you will be here more regularly 🙂

    Will try to be regular

    Don’t worry about Varu – she will be fine. Am sure will do very well in all the subjects.
    Would love to see what you crocheted. I tried again the other day, but it juts did not turn out alright 😦 I wish I lived near you or crafty to come for some crochet tuition 🙂

    My main worry is hindi,she just hates hindi,don’t know why.I used to love hindi in my school.

    Has to upload the snaps,will do it shortly.Me too had many flops,i should have shared that here.Once i tried to make a beanie cap for pinky but that fitted her doll.My guru is crafty,just before i left dubai she gave many patterns from which i did few.

  2. Very happy to see you back in blogger –thanks to your husband Saritha !There have been too many changes for the little one ,give her some time :):) Hope to see more of you dear .

  3. Congrats on the new laptop 😀 hope that will make you blog regularly 🙂

    Thanx and i hope to be regularly

    Don’t worry about the little one, I am sure she’s done well.

    She did quite well in hindi much to my expectations

  4. Happy to see you back, Saritha! It is nice of your husband to judge how much you missed your laptop.

    Thanx sandhya,he thought i will go mad without laptop and internet at home.

    Varu and Pinky need time to adjust with the new atmosphere, Saritha. They will blend very soon.

    Take care.

    Yes and they have adjusted well

  5. So what happened at the meeting .. and one subject weak I dont think there is a problem in that .. On the whole one shud be good thats what matters .. plus these days we put tooo much pressure on the kids on studies …

    I agree with that we are putting pressure on the kids,in the ptm a student got 85% and that student mom’s was not happy with the result.Maybe she wanted him to score 100% 😦

    maybe we shud talk to them and see wht they want 🙂

    looking forward to hear what and how she did 🙂 god bless and I am sure she would do you proud …

    She got good percentage,i am happy with her.

    Bikram’s Blog

    1. See, and as the next comment says its not the marks its what she learns .. I have been so bad at studies .. but I am fine , some say i am rich .. its nothing about marks .. Since coming to uk i have been to a few interviews and let me tell you None so Far has ever EVER asked me how many marks or EVER seen my mark sheet or degree even…

      I was a average student and i was never asked to show my marks sheet or the certificate in dubai when i attended the interviews but based on my MBA got the job.

      I think soon those days will come to india also where it wont be marks but the KNOWLEDGE you have that will matter 🙂

      Its changing now,most schools here are opting for grading system

      good to hear that you are happy with the percentage … excellent

      From next year my kid school are opting grading system

  6. Appapapapa, glad to see a post here….and very happy to know that u got a laptop !!! 🙂 🙂 Now, blog more… 🙂 🙂

    Will try to be regular
    All the best to Varu…of course she’ll do well. 🙂 After all, Sari, marks dont mean anything…just make sure she’s understood the concepts well…. She is a smart kid and I think she’ll be the best. 🙂 🙂

    I never force her to study,the only time i force her is to learn hindi.

  7. Congrats for new laptop sari…..
    surely life is tough without laptop 🙂 good your hubby realised that 🙂

    Thanx rashmi,found it quite difficult with laptop.

    I too use to luv hindi in my school days….give some time to varu…i m sure she will pick it up soon….and even she doesnt score good in only one subject…taht shd be fine..

    She scored quite well in hindi

  8. don’t worry about the studies much akka.. I have seen many of my friends picking up well in studies later and also what matters is self-discipline.. Varu is a good kid.. so she will come triumph in life 🙂

    Even I don’t know what to blog now.. just thinking about it 🙂 atleast I must be regular in commenting…

    Me too was like that then i thought of sharing some of the pinkuda’s tales.

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