Amma did…

Yesterday pinkuda broke the cupboard door and before i would say any thing she started crying.So to make her stop crying i told her you didn’t break the cupboard door,it is amma(that’s me) who broke you stop crying.She stopped crying.

Then varu came from school and said who broke the door,she immediately pointed her finger towards me and again started crying.We both told her she didn’t break it,amma broke it.She stopped crying.

When my mom came home,before she asked about the door,pinkuda said amma broke your cup board door ammaamma(granny) not me.

Then my mom said you (that’s me) did the same thing 28 years before.So history repeats…..


17 thoughts on “Amma did…

  1. 🙂 🙂 ..I m amazed how you handle breaking up of things in such a cool way…..yesterday angel broke my fav perfume and after that started laughing….i literally shouted on her….sometime its tough to maintain ur calm with kids….

    Rashmi before i could react,pinkuda started crying fearing i may shout at her.So to make her stop crying i said i did.

    I shd learn from you 🙂 though in my house its me who feel bad when thing broke and angel just walk away to her next target after breaking/or just making mess of anything….. 😉

    Same here,got used to things breaking up,now i am more careful than before.When ever i see she is upto something i try to divert her attention towards tv or anything.

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