What’s your face shape???

Have you ever thought of your face shape ??

I thought of it when i realized my face shape has changed few days back.Wondering how??

I took some medicines which had a strong reactions and my jaws and cheeks have swelled.I was really scared to see my face in the mirror.Took a hot shower thinking that will reduce my swelling,but that didn’t help me.Rushed to doctor and he said it is just a side effects of a certain drug and the swelling will come down in 2-3 days.Avoided seeing in the mirror for 2-3 days and then daughter declared that my face is no more a square it is oval in shape (my actual face shape).

Google has answers for everything.I goggled for face shapes and got many sites with the pictures.

So what is your face shape?? Check the below picture for the face shapes

Pic courtesy:Google Images


14 thoughts on “What’s your face shape???

  1. Oh glad it’s bk to oval 😀

    Was happy that swelling has gone and i am back to what i am

    Mine is round – thatz wat ppl say 😉

    Round?? I thought oval

  2. Must have been scary to find the shape of your face changing..so glad you’re fine now. The shape of my face is oval I think..thats what everyone says. Haven’t paid much attention to it 😀

    Me too didn’t pay attention but varunavi said amma ur face was oval now it is square when my face swelled and it was she who said it is back to oval now amma

  3. Good to know that your face is back to normal, Saritha! When we face these types of side effects we get scary. I too had undergone/undergoing treatment for some skin problem. My hair is falling, falling and falling, hope I won’t get bald!

    Actually it was wrongly diagnosed and the medicine caused side effects,now got the right treatment.Hair fall can also be due to medicines,check with your doc sandhya

    The shape of my face is oval, I think.

    I think oval face is the common

  4. Hey, glad that you are back to normal…these medicines and their side-effects are really irritating sometimes…take care. 🙂

    Now quite fine uma,just had that side effect.

    My face is oval…checked myself before writing this… 😉 😉

    😀 😀 😀

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