Terrible 3’s

Pinkuda is no longer a baby,she is a toddler in her terrible threes.For each and every thing she throws tantrums.She wants to drink milk with a spoon.First she starts to drink with spoon then slowly she takes milk with the spoon and pours in her hand as if she is taking thertham (which the priest gives in the temple).

She just hates to take bath.I tell her that when you were baby(now she thinks she is a big girl) i used to put you in the bath tub and used to give you bath and now i will give you bath in the tub,then she agrees for the bath.She hates hot water and she always prefer cold water for the bath.Even in the washroom our wrestling continues.

She doesn’t allows varu to come near me,she always guards me from varu.The moment varu sits on lap she comes running and starts hitting varu.

First day in school.Myself and hubby went to drop both the kids at school.Varunavi cried when i left her at the class,maybe she was scared of new surroundings,teacher and the kids.But pinkuda the moment we entered in her nursery class,she went to the toys which are kept there and started playing with them.And teacher told us to go without telling her.But when we are about to come pinkuda saw us and said you both go i will be here only.

She is planning a vacation to Dubai and she is going to buy tickets for her sister,cousin brother and granny.When I say to her you forgot my name,she says i am not taking you with me,you be here.


15 thoughts on “Terrible 3’s

  1. LOL Sari…she is absolutely cute….Special hugs to Pinkuda. 🙂

    Pinkuda hugging u back

    Oh, even I’ve gone through the drinking milk with the tiniest spoon in my kitchen – stage…and it’ll take hours to finish one glass of milk, if its not spilled by then.

    Uma atleast once/twice a week milk is spilled and too much cleaning after that

    The second ones adjust to school very easily – probably becos they see the elder one going to school and they too want to go there. By being at home, they think that they are missing out on all the fun. 😉

    Rightly said uma,pinkuda thinks she is missing so much been a younger kid at home when compared to varunavi

  2. This happened with me too…the second child watches the first one going to school, eating by himself, writing homework etc. and follows him without much effort from our side.

    Pinkuda enjoys doing her homework,everyday after coming from school she checks her bag if teacher has kept her homeork (homework) book.

    Enjoy all the tantrums now…these are going to be there for another few years, then they will be into their own world, Saritha. They don’t ‘think’ now.

    🙂 🙂

  3. Smiling Smiling at adorable Pinkuda 🙂 My little one has some similar traits; she loves taking bath though. But wants to take it herself, and does not want to come out.

    Good at least ur kid wants to take bath,pinkuda hates taking bath

  4. We are in the same boat sister…..my elder one is almost 7 and my son almost 4. He too hates the bathing part but funnily loves to play with water .He wants the same pencil she is writing with and the same note book she is writing on.I am a referee 24×7 now a days. I am glad that they are adjusting well in new place.Give a tight bear hug to both the dolls.Oh yes,my best wishes for her Dubai vacation plan …heee !

    Kavitha u wrote what happens in my house everyday,inspite of giving new pencil to pinkuda she wants the pencil with which varu is writing.

    Hugs from both the kids

  5. She is always cute 🙂 🙂 when is she flying to Dubai??? 🙂 🙂

    She is waiting for her father to get boarding pass(she meant ticket) for her to dubai

  6. woww..reminds me of the days when my daughter entered the nursery in mumbai, and i wil watch from outside the window…she will scream louder the moment she noticed me der..time, time,, how time flies..:)

    Oh,both my daughters didn’t cry on the first day to school,i was lucky that way.

  7. Kids !!! when will they ever grow up, huh ? 😀 😀 😀

    I don’t want them to grow up,i want them to enjoy their childhood which we all are missing now

  8. She is so cute 🙂 Drinking milk with spoon..mine try to eat every thing wiht spoon from now only.. though for milk she still prefer her bottle 🙂
    She seems so confident..normally kids cry a lot on first day of school

    Hugs to pinkuda 🙂

    1. I wish angle starts drinking milk with spoon 😉

      Both the kids didn’t cry on the first day and i am sure angle also won’t cry on her first day to school.

  9. that is so sweettt….
    Mom tells me i used to give a hard time while going to school 😛

    Welcome here raj lakshmi,my elder sis gave hard time to my mom while going to school.

  10. How adorable! LOL @ the theertham reference! Thats so cute! Pinki loves her school..thats really great! I’m sure Varu will adjust to her new school too pretty soon. Ummas to both of them 🙂

    Ummas and hugs from both of them deeps

    I wonder what is it with these girls when it comes to taking bath?? Namnam too is like Pinkuda…she stalls the whole process as much as she can and then it culminates into a fight. And this happens everyday! The end result is Amma is not to be included in any fun activities! Like how Pinkuda has decided not to take you to Dubai! Gosh, this terrible 3’s, 4’s, 5’s..its just never ending I guess!

    I think all girls are same,i am always not there in pinkuda’s good books and first thing she says while going out is amma you be in the house.

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