I don’t want rains…..

Human life has no value here.Each time it rains one or two lives are lost.Either it is a kid or a teenager or a elder person.The open drains swallows them and our greater Hyderabad municipality just does the search for the body and hand it overs and washes its hands.A person near my house was coming on his cycle and due to flooding of the road he didn’t see the open drain and his cycle got struck in that and within 2-3 minutes he was washed away and found dead after one day.

Roads are dug to lay cables and this is done mostly during monsoon.The private contractors who does the work of laying cables just do the laying part and their job is not to fill the holes.When it rains those holes are filled by water and they become a death trap.

Who takes the responsibility for these deaths,it’s the municipality or the dead person.People should stop walking or riding on the roads when it rains.Even after the rains few all the main roads are flooded with water and municipality doesn’t tries to flush the water out.

Dear god we had enough rains for this year,please we don’t want rains again as such it rained heavily day before yesterday and before for 2-3 hours.

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11 thoughts on “I don’t want rains…..

  1. Same is case here in Delhi too….every day death coz of open holes and watter logging in them..
    Even a person is not strucking in these holes…they become house of mosquitos and spread dengue and other viral diseases…

    Even in here diseases are rampant.

    IT seems MCD is too busy in enjoying rain that they dont hear common man’s problem

    Again it rained for 5 hours today early morning here and all the roads are logged and no movement for traffic at all

  2. 😦 😦 as you Have said these contractors always start their work just before monsoon… The death because of this potholes is an absolute human mistake which should be avoided..

    That’s what sucks,why they don’t do the digging job before monsoon,they purposely do it

  3. This is soo soo sad 😦 I think we need to launch a strike against the municipality and let them know how much we r suffering. As long as they r safe, they take things for granted 😦 😦

    What we ever do the municipality won’t listen,its the govt which is not taking municipality to task

  4. hey buddy v r being fried here in deep heat summer n u r posting abt rains..bad bad bad..saritha garu…that girl in my post ws my colleague in TOI mumbai…now she is somewhere in US n i have lost touch 🙂

    Oh i thought i will meet her and get changed to extrovert

  5. Chennai floats with half hour rain, completely goes out of sight in water, in 2 hours’ rain! 2 days’ rain means, holidays for schools and colleges!!!

    It rained here for almost 4-5 hours early morning and all the schools and colleges are closed today and i think even tomorrow it will be closed in some parts of hyd.

    DMK or ADMK govt., the municipality never ‘acts’!

  6. I know its always the case in Hyd…not only now, but every year before too. Its sad to see lives lost to bad drainage systems. The Govt can work towards better drainage systems and more to covering the open man-holes.

    They cover the man-holes but the rain water washes them,it is the drainage system which has to be changed as in hyd we still use the drainage system which was laid by nizams

  7. This is just so sad. A similar thing happened in bangalore about a year ago…a kid was washed away. After that, the municipal authorities made a big show of looking for the bosy, combing all the drains, etc…but what’s the use?
    The thing is, when it’s raining heavily (and especially if it’s dark) you just cannot tell the difference between a pothole and an open manhole/drain. I have a prayer on my lips every time I have to take a longish walk during/after the rains.

    Welcome here chinkurli.

    It is so sad that inspite of knowing rains cause deaths our govt doesn’t take any corrective measures,the lids on the manholes are so light that small rains washes them and the man holes causes deaths.
    The other day a news channel was telling its viewers not to venture out after rains for atleast a day in a low lying areas.

  8. This is such a sad situation. Officials do not care because they are not on the road walking and do not face such threats. In kerala, my mother has slipped into potholes on some regular days.

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