New school update

Varu was very scared on the first day.She told me to stand outside her classroom not to go home on the first day.Maybe she was scared of new teacher,classmates and new surroundings.Even in her early days of schooling she never cried but her first day in this school she cried.Then slowly she got adjusted to the school.She is having a good time here.

Her teacher made her to sit next to a boy who always speaks Telugu inspite of teacher telling him to talk in English.So she made varu to sit next to him so that he picks English from her.And varu felt so proud of her speaking skills,she was so excited to tell me that her teacher appreciated her English-speaking.

Varunavi has picked up Telugu language very well.Till now  she doesn’t know Telugu alphabets,but she learnt all the alphabets in two months.Her granny teaches her and even varu is eager to learn it.In parent teachers meet her teacher appreciated her for Telugu.She is enjoying her school.Best part is that there is no need for her to get up early and rush to school.She takes her time to get ready as her school starts at 9.00 and it is just 5 minutes walk from my house.

She tells me to come 10 minutes late to pick her because her friend’s mom comes late to pick her friend and poor her friend will be alone in school and she wants to give company to her.


11 thoughts on “New school update

  1. gr8..lil varu is enjoying her new school and now learning Telugu too 🙂
    It must be sigh of relief for you to see her settle and enjoying her class..
    When i was in hyd i just learnt two words of Telugu – Telugu radhu and second bhagunara 🙂
    Happy Weekend

    Telugu radhu is the most useful words i suppose.

  2. So sweet…she wants to wait for her frnd…such a darling child…special hugs to her. 🙂

    Hugs from her to u uma

    Am glad she is adjusting with the new school and enjoying it too…great Sari…if the child is unhappy in the school, we feel terrible. I am so happy for Varu. 🙂

    Thanx uma

    Varu, chennaikku eppudu osthavu ???? 😉 nenu neekosam cake chesthanu. 🙂

    Na mummy toti vastanu,naku cake chala estam

  3. You must be very proud of her …. thinking about her friends at this young age is an appreciable gesture.Nice to know that she is liking her new school.How about our sweet Pinkuda ,how is she ?

    Thanx kavitha,pinkuda is having good time in her school and she is quite famous there 😉

  4. Great that shes adjusting to the new school. I have seen children cry and bring the house down; example me ! 😀 😀

    Oh, your mom might had very difficult time with u

  5. Varu is a soft- natured child, Saritha, that is why she wants to stay late in the school for her friend’s sake.

    She is quite soft but i want her to change a bit

    She is a bright child and is going to be famous in her school, for her painting skills too!

    Have you joined Pinku in play school or something?

    Pinky goes to nursery in the same school

    It is nice to know that the kids and their mother are happy in their hometown now! God bless you!

    Thanx sandhya

  6. Glad to hear that little Varu likes her new school. It is a great blessing and it must feel great that she is picking up Telugu really fast as well. Way to go Varu 🙂

    The credit goes to my mom,she is teaching her telugu.Thanx lakshmi

  7. Nice to hear them.. Varu is intelligent and quick learner too 🙂 🙂

    And when we have school near to home means its a bliss… 🙂 🙂

    Having school near to the house is quite advantage,no school bus,morning and afternoon walk for me

  8. dear friend kavita knows my mind. she has already written what i felt..thinking about her friends at this young age is an appreciable gesture by varu..a pat on my behalf plzzz…hey buddy u said u r not in sharjah…where r u now? 🙂

    Surely will pat her on ur behalf,i am in hyd now

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