Happy Days

No this is not the review of telugu happy days movie but about the things which is making me us happy after coming here.Actually i got inspired to write about this after reading Laksmi’s post here.

Have maid to do my job. 😀

Can get up late at 6.30 everyday morning.

Have many people to talk to.

Chatting with friends on sms.

Mobile rings all the time which was not the case there as i hardly used to get any calls.

Kids enjoying ride on hero honda.

Internet is so fast here.

Can spend much time in blogging as my work is done by maid.

Getting fresh vegetables from the market. 😀

Endless gossiping with sisters,neighbors and maid. 😀

Can have pani puris any time….

The best thing is i can go shopping on my own without husband nagging. 😀

Can wear pattu sarees for functions after 8 longs years.

Last but not the least have reduced weight as i am troubling my legs to take stairs to second floor almost 4-5 times a days and walking to drop and pick the kids from school. 😀

Thank you god……….


19 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. oh, those good days are back,huh ? Nothing like staying in our own country ! 😀 😀

    Yes nothing like staying in our own country and near our own people 🙂

  2. I am HAPPY to know that you are happy here, Saritha! Yes, this luxury of talking to our people whenever we feel like it is a luxury! Without prior appointment, we can barge into our friend’s or close relatives’ houses and chat to our hearts’ content!

    Actually i am very talkative,now i am revising my old habit of talking much

    Yes, the MAID…that is a bestest part!

    Yes maid is the best and my maid stays in the penthouse in my apartment so i can call her anytime

    God bless!

    Thanx sandhya and huggggggggggs

  3. arreee…not in sharjah? hey sorry ya..dint keep tab…where r u now? nice to hear fm u…our good friend sai of hyderabad has also not been writing…wondering..cheers n wishes

    I am in hyd now,nice to see u here,can find sai in fb

  4. Looks like a gratitude prayer and I just love it. 🙂

    Thanks to god for everything

    Its all in our minds, Sari, to be happy wherever we are and I am glad that u are happy !!! 🙂

    Oh pani puris – hhmmm….anytime for me too. 🙂

    U too fan of pani puris??

    How did u forget briyani from Paradise or Hyd House ??? Or is Bawarchi ur fav ????

    Its been 2 months here didn’t go to paradise

  5. Awesome Sari!! hugs!!
    Glad to know you are happy and enjoying being back home!
    There is no place like home, seriously. 🙂

    Yes pixie nothing like staying in our own house

  6. Aww so sweet. laks n nw u 🙂 U both r spreading cheer arnd 🙂
    Nw, y dnt u join me one day for some Pani Puri too 😛 😛

    Sure will join u someday for pani puri

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