My art work

I was interested in drawing and painting since school days.Art was taught to us in the school.These below paintings i did when i didn’t had anything do when i first went to oman after my marriage.I used to get bored of sitting idle at home as i was not able to get a decent job.What ever material i had at home i used to scribble some thing or other and  most of them i gave it my friends there.These are few which i have with me here.

With ceramic powder and cloth
Glass painting with foil behind
Painting on thermacol with water colours
Glass painting
With water colours
Painting with frabic colours on a dinner plate

21 thoughts on “My art work

  1. Sariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, AWESOME!!!!! 😀

    Thanx EC

    The satisfaction one gets after completing a work is BLISS. Hai na? 🙂

    Yes after completion as well as when others appreciate ur work 😀

  2. WOW, what a talented woman you are !!! 🙂 Love the Ganesha – its the best. 🙂

    Thank q thank q

    Make a page for your articrafts and put the pics in them…

    Will do it

    So, what are u doing now ???

    Planning to go for art classes

  3. great pics….looking fwd to some exhibition of ur artwork soon 😀

    Common liju i don’t have that much talent,just to pass the time i used to do.Now i hardly get that much time

  4. beautiful 🙂 how did u pint with water color on thermocol?? 🙂 i like them all.

    Thanx shruti,i used every little water and the colour i took on the brush was quite thick

  5. Is that Radha Krishna? You have done the fingers beautifully, Saritha. They always say that drawing fingers to the correct proportion is difficult. You have done it here and you should be good in painting.

    No sandhya it is krishna and rukmini.

    I love the bird painting too. Dinner plate paintings and Ganesha too are lovely! Yes, as Swaram says, you add these to your ‘arts and crafts’ page. Varunavi must have inherited your talent!

    Will do it,was busy since few days. Pinky also does some drawings seeing her sister which we can’t make out it what it is

    Still shopping is going on with some relatives, Saritha. So, a bit busy and find it difficult to concentrate in writing posts. Will be back soon.

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