Moving Back

Gulf has been my home for last 8 years.Of that 8 years i lived in UAE for 6 years.Has got so many memories here.Muscat was my first home after my marriage.After 2 months of my marriage joined hubby in muscat.Lived there for  1 1/2 years and went back to hyderabad as i was expecting my 1st child.Then hubby relocated to dubai and i we joined him here.

I remember when my sister got married my mother and her m-law helped her to start a house,they brought things she required in her kitchen,etc.But for me it was we both who went to shopping the second day i landed here.I made a list of the things i require in the kitchen (same like what mom has in her kitchen).It was totally awesome experience,till then you are dependent on your mother and suddenly you are all alone with a stranger in a new country.Hubby did tried to make me comfortable.Now i get tears to part with all those things.

This is the place where i have seen my kids growing up,my mom visiting us and m-law staying with us and this is where we both have grown from two individuals to a family of four.We learned a bit of  new language which is alien to us ie arabic,both kids sing the UAE national song.I hope they don’t forget the song.

This month end we are going back to India.Have applied for varunavi’s TC,will be getting that shortly.Actually hubby brought the tc  application last week and he is feeling bad to apply for the tc.Varunavi loves her school,friends and her teachers.But she is a smart child when we told her we are going back,she immediately said she is happy to be with her granny.I have been telling pinkuda but she is thinking we are going on a holiday,still she is not that mature enough to understand.When i start packing maybe she will realise that we won’t come back here again.

This was very hard decision to take and we took many days to come at this.This was the reason of me not blogging much and once we decided that we are moving i came out my of somber mood.Now my main aim will be to get the kids adjusted .Varunavi listens to us and she will understand but pinkuda i don’t know what i have to do.My only solace is my mom,she is always there with open arms to embrace us.She was very happy to hear that we are coming back for good.She is giving me tips and suggestions to pack.

I don’t feel like packing inspite of the cargo guy coming here after 2 days.This is my last post and will come back soon.But will be reading you all when ever i get hold of the internet.

23 thoughts on “Moving Back

  1. WOW, Sari, Welcome back to India. These days, I am seeing many ppl returning back to India, from the foreign shores. So, which city you’ll be in ???? Hyd ????

    Thanx uma,will be in hyderabad

    Even though the shifting, packing and handling the emotions are little too difficult, with two little ones tagging behind you, just keep cool and think of the wonderful days of being in Indian soil. Its a great feeling coming back home. Let me give you a wonderful hug, to welcome you. 🙂 Waiting to see more of you. 🙂

    <em>wonderful days of being in Indian soil. Thats wonderfully said uma,thanx and hugging u back

  2. Welcome back Saritha..
    I can imagine how tough it will be for you to leave home where kids grows and have fond memories with every corner of house ..
    I just wish whole settling period to go smooth and you enjoy much more in India 🙂

    Thanx for the wishes rashmi

  3. Yay yay yay .. I cant tell u hw happy I am. U r cmg bk to Hyd??? Wowwww, I cn meet u so many times nw without all that hurry-burry 😛 😛 😛

    Yaeh we can meet any time and any number of times

    Welcome bk Sari .. I know hw difficult it is to leave a place which is our home away from home 😦 Hugs to u and wish u a safe and pleasant journey back home 🙂

    Thanx a lot swaram and hugs

    Can imagine how happy aunty must be 🙂

    She is super happy

  4. Welcome back, Saritha! Yes, the place where we start our married life, our own home, is always a place to remember. I started my first home like you, Saritha. So even now I remember the shop I bought some ladles!

    Thanx sandhya,your comments are always encouraging and i always look forward to see your comments and talk to u.

    Until you leave the place, you will have tension. You come here, meet your people and settle down in a new house, you are going to be happy. The decision making time is always tough. We never know if it is right or wrong. Time will tell, but you are not going to an alien city this time.

    We never know if it is right or wrong—this is what we were discussing all these days

    Pinkuda is still small. If she has got some children to play with, she will settle down. Varunavi is an understanding child and will try to adjust with the new friends in her school. You, your mother and sisters are there to pamper her.

    Yes my mom and sisters will take care of pinkuda and varu

    We will adjust but it will be more difficult for the gents to adjust with the new office atmosphere. I always wonder how they do it, my husband too! Most of them do not discuss anything with wives (we discuss everything with everybody!), some of them do not have very very close friends to open up.

    Will mail u regarding this

    Anyway, all the best to you and your family, Saritha. God bless you.

    Thanx a lot sandhya and i am happy to get you as my friend,hugssssss

  5. Welcome back; the real home is waiting for you !!! 😀 😀

    This is so true,real home

    Now that you are here, we could meet when I come over to Hyderabad.

    Sure but i can’t come to airport or to a concert,u have to come to my house or swara’s house.

    Dont worry, you will be fine in a few days, after all home sweet home ! 😀

    Yes home is always sweet home not like salt homes here

    1. LOL tell him that Sari .. he gets up @ 2 in the afternoon and complains he did nt hv time to visit ppl @ their home 😉 😉

  6. All the best, Sari!

    Thanx smitha

    I can understand how you feel. It is not easy to pack up and start life in a another place. But I am sure that you all will really enjoy it back in India 🙂 With family and the opportunity to make more friends. Varu and Pinkuda will adjust too. Am sure with your mom there, you will have the time of your life and you will get to meet all our blog-world friends too 🙂

    My mom are sisters are happy,my mom is happy because at last we obeyed her by coming back ,which she wanted since i landed here.

    Next year, this time, I hope to write in a similar vein and move back for good too 🙂

    You too planning to come back??

  7. All the best on your move back. The kids will adjust pretty soon. No worries on that front. Have a great time in Hyd.

    Thanx liju

    Enjoy the biryanis, mangoes and the companionship of your mother.

    First its mangoes cause it will get over by june and then biryani

  8. Its always difficult to leave a place where we have fond memories akka… anyway even in India you have fond memories and your mom 🙂 🙂 So welcome back 😀 😀 take care…

    India is real home,here came to make a career and money.That is the place eventually we will settle and its nice to be at home anytime.

  9. 🙂
    Welcome back Sari! 🙂
    The kids will adjust beautifully, don’t worry 🙂
    Leaving behind a place so full of beautiful memories is always difficult, but now back home you get to make some more 🙂

    It is a nice feeling that i am going back to my old memories and most imp close to my mom and sisters

    Take care while packing and coming back… we will be here waiting for your updates 🙂


    Will be there to read till this month end and once i get net connection in india will come back.

  10. Best wishes Saritha 🙂 We too are in the same boat, moving back end of june or beginning of july, few days behing you. I am curious to hear your moving back experience here…

    Thanx lakshmi.Started packing the things,house is in a mess now.

  11. I can so imagine hw you are feeling, Sari. Its never easy to leave your friends,a house that has been your home for so many years, behind, even if it is to relocate to your own country. Like you said there are so many memories. But I’m sure you will come to terms with it quickly and adjust to the routine soon. And moreover you will have your family, you mother, in-laws, to help you with settling down. And look at the brighter will be so much nearer to your mother now 🙂

    That’s the brighter side to be with the mother,have been planning to call her or i go and end i am going to her

    Good luck with your move, Sari 🙂

    Thanx deeps

  12. Found you through Swaram! 🙂
    Hey! Be happy you’re coming back home. To your people, to the place where you grew up. I’m sure your daughter will LOVE the place sooner or later! 🙂

    Thanx for coming here,daughters are almost settled

  13. The thing abt the Middle East is tht u’ll never completely embrace it as ur home coz u know one day or the other you HAVE to leave 😦

    Yes what u said is true,u can’t never call gulf ur home,it is just a place where u have a house
    Hope everything went off like u expected it to.

    All fine and almost settled.

  14. Oh wow !!!!!!! Welcome back home !!!!! I am sure you will love it… and kids get used to it in no time… infact we take more time… I just moved back… and trust me… I speak from personal experience… they just need two three new good friends and they are set !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am happy you will be in India !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Thanx dhiren,kids are loving hyd and that too granny’s co.

    Awesome !!! My Saritha !!!!! 🙂 🙂

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