A letter from Amma

When i was in muscat amma used to write to me very frequently inspite of having hotmail account.Before leaving India i took her to net cafe and showed her how to mail me and read my mails.Initially she wrote few mails and then switched to letters.Almost every week i used to get mails from her and if i delay writing back to her,she used to call me inquiring if everything is ok.Today when i was cleaning i got a bunch of letters she wrote to me.I want to share what she wrote to me 7 years back.

Dear Saritha,

How are you and Rk ? Please write to me frequently.I am fine here and i am not alone as i am having sweet memories of my daughters,especially my saritha.I am not alone,i am having my life.

Carefully read and understand the following:-

Gita says that we have to work constantly,work with all power to put our whole mind in the work,what ever it be,what ever we are doing.At the same time we must not be attached .That is to say we must not be drawn away from the work by anything else,still we must be able to quit the work when ever we like.So god has given me the strength to do my work with my daughters co-operation.I only did my job but nothing else.

Attachment is the sources of all our pleasures.We are attached with our relationship so we get pleasures from that.At some stage in our life we have to detach ourselves at will.You never left me alone.He/she who is having the power of attaching himself to a thing what ever it maybe with all the energy,has also the power to detach himself when he/she should do.There is as much pain of attachment as that of detachment.

Don’t worry about me please enjoy your life.Don’t do dieting and eat well.

मुझै न भुलाना.



10 thoughts on “A letter from Amma

  1. Tried a lot but could never bring both my dad and mom get interested to computers. During my initial phase in Singapore, my dad used to write me letters which gradually went down as the cost of international calls went down. Today, for a $10 calling card, i can talk to Hyd for more than 10 hours. So, as and when i need to call, i just pick up the phone.

    Calling from here very costly compared to calling from india.Every week i call my mom and she calls me twice a week.Slowly she stopped writing letters as most of the things we have talk on phone.

  2. Your mother is great, Saritha! She has written like a typical mother. You are a good daughter and keep her advice in mind, which is going to be very useful for you. God bless you and your whole family, Saritha.

    Thanx sandhya will do it

  3. Thatz so sweet of her. We r always beautiful for our Moms, the opposites never matter to them no .. they can never see us dieting 😉
    Lovely lessons in attachment and detachment Sari .. share more of her letters. Such a pleasure to read them 🙂

    Actually this letter is lengthy,i didn’t include the full letter.

  4. Wonderfully said by your mom akka… But dont know how easy it is to follow 😦
    God bless you both..

    Even i feel it is very difficult to follow

  5. All moms are alike — no matter how much weight i put on ,my mom would always say…’kitni sukh gayee hai tu ,acchi tarah khaya kar .hmmmm.

    Hand written letters have a special feel–i loved the good old way .Her advice to you applies to all.She is absolutely right on attachment and detachment part… very wise words.Thanks for sharing Saritha !

  6. WOW, thats a heartfelt letter from a wonderful mother. Sari, you are blessed to be her daughter.

    Your mom has just explained what my Mom had taught me over the years. It goes on to show that mothers are great and they are everywhere.

    Yes uma,god can’t be every where so he created mothers.

    God bless her lovely soul.

    Share more letters, na !!!!!

    Will do it uma

  7. Oh, thats sweet of you to share your moms letter with us !

    But I didnt understand one thing …..

    Who is Gita and why did she tell all that ?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Gita is my sister, will check with her why she said all that. 😉

  8. hi this is vijaya who has the same wavelength of ur mom.I too have raised two kids telling them abt what is life now they r well settled .

    Welcome to my space vijaya

    Your kids are blessed to have u as their mom,god bless them

    I am blessed to stay in a remote village with internet connection.I came across ur post through my daughter who is interested in history and archology like u.

    Good to know that ur kid is interested in archology,do encourage her to take that subject.

    If ur mom has an e mail id and if u dont mind, i would like to be her friend.

    My mom is not that active on the net,u can mail me varu012@gmail.com,will pass on it my mom

    wish u happy life in india too.

    Thanx vijaya and do keep coming here

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