First timer

When i saw smitha’s post on princess cake, i badly  wanted to make one.Brought the required things and as i said in my previous post that no one at home wanted me to bake a birthday.I always bake cakes as varu likes to eat cakes as her breakfast.So i ended up in baking cake almost very week,but my cakes are very simple with the regular ingredients and once a while i change the cake flavour.

I never attempted the frosting the cake but when i got so many inputs and encouragement from smitha i wanted to attempt the frosting on the cake cupcakes.

Few days back brought cakes and bakes book by my fav chef Sanjeev Kapoor.His measurements cannot go wrong,so my cup cakes.They came out very well and before i did frosting one batch was gobbled by all including me.So i baked again and told myself and others not to touch until i do the frosting.

Now please don’t laugh on the design i did on my cupcakes and that too yellow colour (varu’s fav) and i called the grocery guy to send me M&M but that guy has brought me a big size M & M.Anyways the frosting was also very tasty.Frosting recipe i took it from smitha.

More than the cup cakes kids wanted to eat M & M’s


14 thoughts on “First timer

  1. This looks so tasty, Saritha! Let me fly over there and have one, if there are any remaining crumbs! Looks yummy, indeed!

    Come over will bake for u

  2. Wow!! I’m soooooooooo jealous of all the cake pics floating around since yesterday!!!
    I want 1 too. n the yellow frosting is too cute!

    Thanx shruti,come here along with your cutie pie and have cup cakes with us

  3. Wow! Sari, they look so yummy! Th kids must have been so delighted! I would love to lay my hands on them 🙂

    Now they won’t stop me making birthday cake next time on their birthday

    Poohi saw it and now wants me to make them too 🙂

    Do it for

  4. CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now i wanna make some too! 😀

    Do it and remember be while eating

    LOL @ please don’t laugh at cupcake frosting! 😆
    Sari, you’re too cute! they look really adorable, am sure the kids enjoyed it!! 😀

    No the designs didnt come out well,as i was doing it for the first time with the piping bag.And that too yellow colour,i didnt had any other colour,i used biryani colour.

    And you guys finished a batch before you could frost??!!! 😀 😀 😀 Next time I also wanna be around when you bake! tee heeeeee! 😀

    Surely drop in,will bake for u as i am confident that i can make cupcakes which are eatable

    where is hitchu… he shud see this food post!! As we know him well, am sure he’d have grumbled about u putting up delicious pictures and tempting him with those yummy cakes! 😆

    Hitch has become a sunday blogger,we can see him only on sundays

  5. And thats so beautifully done and I love the pics….So lovely Sari…keep going !!! Bake more and make the little ones more happy !!! 🙂

    Will do it uma,thanks

  6. Arre Saritha! What with all these baking posts I am thinking I should learn how to bake now. High time!
    Since there is no chance of me getting from any of you hmmpphh! (err is there? 🙄 )

    Why no chance? come home will serve u cupcakes minus M & M’s.

    delicious looking cupcakes. and the icing *slurp!*

    Icing is not nice, i didn’t like the colour nor the design

    all the M & Ms remind me of cadbury’s gems.Mom would decorate cake with it sometimes:)

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