Wordless Wednesday— Two

Perfume bottles at a souk


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday— Two

    1. Woww! U know? I luv when ppl gift me perfumes more for the bottles than for the perfume itself .. lol 😉

      Me too love the shapes of the bottles,in oman i used to have many.But when i was shifting i had to give if off

      Hw did Pinkuda’s bday go?

      If was nice,she agreed for winnie the pooh cake and when everyone left she said oh my birthday is over

  1. First on a WW post !!!! Yipppeeee !!!! 🙂

    No swaram has taken the 1st position

    BTW, that pic is so glitteringly beautiful….the scent seems to reach out to me out of my screen !!!! 🙂

    That souk where i clicked this pc has many perfume stores and outside the store they have arranged the perfumes like this

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