On my 3rd Birthday

Pinkuda will be 3 on 11th may.She gave  list of things she wants on her birthday.

1.Barbie Langa (Combination of indian traditional dress and barbie) I don’t think any manufacture got a idea of making this combination.If he is taking this idea from here,pinkuda has legal writes.

2.A Rain cake.I don’t know what is rain cake,may be she wants a cake shower 😉

3.Bob the builder shoes.– I have been showing her barbie shoes but she wanted the shoes worn by bob the builder,for that i have to check with the construction guys here if they have those shoes with them.

4.She wants loads of balloon,not to decorate the house but to play because it is her birthday.Since last two day she is behind me to fix the balloons with the sticker(read tape) so that she will climb chair to pull them and play with them.


I was showing pinkuda alphabets book and this was the conversation we both had (this conversation was in telugu,i translated it into english) :-

Pinkuda: Pointing to airplane she asked me who will go in this plane?

Me:We all will go.

Pinkuda:Nooo,only varunavi and pinky will go. (she never says me/myself,she just tells her name)

Me:You won’t take me?

Pinkuda: No


Pinkuda:Because your are bad so i will tell you bye bye.


Pinkuda:Amma please lift me

Me: No i can’t, i am having stomach pain

Pinkuda:You have baby in your stomach???

It’s high time i should send her to a nursery.Problem here is nurseries are very far and i am scared to send her in the buses.


Was planning to bake cake on her birthday.Got all the inputs from smitha,literally i was spoon fed by smitha.Showed smitha’s cake to both the daughters in anticipation that they will say amma pls do it.But i was very disappointed varunavi said no amma please don’t bake,dad said he will get a strawberry cake with all the icing and decoration.Inspite of me telling that i am going to learn all that and will do it,they are not ready to accept that amma can do.But i am not dishearten,will definitely bake a cake cupcakes and do the icing as i want to show them that if not a cake i can bake a birthday cup cake.

PS:-The card on my side bar varu made it for her sister which she gave her few days back.

23 thoughts on “On my 3rd Birthday

  1. 🙂 Happy birthday to Pinkuda in advance Saritha!!

    Thanx from pinkuda

    Barbie langa sounds so sweet 🙂
    When i was young i used to yearn for different pattu langas! and every year i used to buy a piece of cloth and stitch a langa for my doll too..

    Pinkuda is like u,she always wants to wear langa and she loves to turn around and around.

    So pinkuda is angry with her mom and does not want to take her mother along in the plane?

    She knows when mom is there,there will be lot of restrictions.

    1. I am 1st 🙂

      Yes u r

      The Card by varunavi to her little sis looks so cute..

      Varu is happy to see this comment

  2. How sweet!

    A very Happy B’day to Pinkuda in advance :). Do pass on loads of kisses and hugs to her from me & Namnam 🙂

    Kisses and hugs passed to pinky and she gives kisses and hugs to namnam and to u

    LOL @ ‘You have baby in your stomach?’ They know

    I watch lot of movies on tv,i think she got if from the movies.I will reduce seeing movies on tv

    The card looks beautiful! Clap clap, Varu…excellent work 🙂

    Thanx aunty

    So what are you going to do about Barbie lehnga…get it stitched?? It will be a designer wear for sure 😀

    Maybe in india i will get it done in a boutique,as for now brought a kerala style langa from LULU.She is quite happy with it.

  3. Advance b’day wishes to cute lil girl.. 🙂 god bless her 🙂

    Thanx thambi,passed on the wishes to her

    So whats the dress planned for her now? Hope she likes that… 🙂

    Brought her a kerala style langa and gave her much bribe to wear it.

    Let her play with her balloons 🙂

    Will do it

    Make a beautiful cake so that they ask it again 🙂

    Will do it

    She didn’t takes u in plane… Bad bad… Come on … Be good akka… So that she considers u in next trip 🙂 Have a great time during her b’day 🙂

    All she need are chocolates and ice creams,which i avoid giving.So she is telling me bad.

  4. That was the sweetest!! Where on earth are you going to find Barbie lehanga with Bob the builder shoes 🙂 You know what, am not sure if it works for Pinkuda, but Poohi refuses to wear anything that is considered ‘boys wear’ 🙂 So Bob’s shoes are a big ‘no no’, but Wendy’s shoes are fine 🙂

    Took her to a shoe store and showed her barbie sandals and finally she agreed when i told her bob the builder shoes granny will buy.Now it is my mom’s turn to check for bob the builder shoes 😉

    Pinkuda is becoming a big girl! She knows everything 🙂

    I think too much of watching tv made her to say that

    And Varu is such a wonderful big sister!! The card she made is so sweet! Do keep it safe – the children will love to see it when they are older 🙂

    Showed ur comment to varu,she is blushing.
    Will keep the card safely

    And here’s wishing Pinkuda a very very happy birthday in advance!Hugs to both the little darlings!

    Thanx for the wishes smitha and hugs from all of us

  5. You know what Saritha – you should secretly make the cake – do it when they are asleep and they will be so delighted that they will never ever ask for a store bought cake 🙂

    Nice idea smitha,will do next time

  6. Ohh its Pinkuda’s birthday today … happy happy birthday sweetheart .. U wil get ur gift when u r in Hyd next time 🙂 🙂

    Thanx aunty,will see u soon in hyd

    She is gonna b a unique designer for sure … barbie langa and bob-the-builder shoes .. ha ha ha 🙂 I really want to know what is rain cake nw 😛 😛

    Even i can’t figure out about the rain cake,maybe a shower of cakes from the sky.She hardly saw rain here and i don’t know from where she picked that word rain cake

    LOL @ baby in ur stomach 🙂

    Luved Varu’s card as well as her work for the school magazine .. hw thoughtful!

    Thanx aunty
    She is blushing

    1. Oh u r so sweet Varu .. wish ppl learnt from u abt saving the environment. God bless u 🙂 🙂

      In school they have environment week every month,where in kids collect soft drinks cans and the kid who collects more are given a star and a badge.

  7. The card by varunavi is so beautiful 🙂 🙂 the card for her school magazine also very nice.. 🙂 🙂 pass on my appreciations and hugs to her 🙂

    Hugs passed,she is saying thanx uncle

    the header and the new theme is very nice akka 🙂 and the new page for books looks good.. if possible add a few views of yours on books in that page… 🙂

    Thanx thambi.Will try to write the views about the books

  8. Today is Pinkuda’s bday, so here it goes – Happy Bday to you, Happy Bday to you, Happy Bday dear Pinkuda, Happy Bday to you !!! (Sari, dont read, sing it aloud for Pinkuda to hear this song). 🙂

    Sang the song,she is also singing and clapping.Who ever calls her to wish her,before they say anything she is telling happy borthday(for birthday) to me.

    That card is so sweet and beautifully done. All the sister’s love shines thru. 🙂

    She loves her sister and she is quite creative.She is showing much interest in drawings,always when free she takes a rough book and draws.Not good in colouring but she is learning it

    LOL @ bad mommy and baby in the stomach !!! These girls, na……

    Too much of watching movies with me

    Barbie langa ???? Is it Barbie with a pattu lehenga ???? You get the indianised Barbies here…have seen them in sari, lehenga, salwar kameez – all indian dresses possible. 🙂

    Oh barbies on sarees uma,we are following chinese.Should show those sarees to pinkuda and maybe she will force me to wear that saree 😉

  9. Happy bday to pinky 🙂 Lot of luv and kisses and hugs to pinkuda from me and angel..
    so big girl is 3yrs today..wow..

    Thanx rashmi,passed ur hugs and kisses to her.Our hugs and kisses to u and angel

    do tell us how your princess cake turned out…

    No i didn’t bake cake.

    barbie lehnga… hee hee…do try may be you can get this done from your local boutique.

    Have to check in india

  10. First let me sing ‘Happy birthday to you, Pinku, Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to Pinkuda, Happy birthday to our lovvely girl’!

    Thanx aunty.

    Varu is a nice soft natured girl. The duck looks so majestic. The drawing for the school magazine too, is imaginative. ‘Huggggs’ to her and her sweet sister, Pinkuda.

    She is quite creative,she once did a drawing in two pages,first page had a drawing and second page was the continuation of the first page.

    Yes, Barbie doll will lehanga is good imagination!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to Varunavi and hugs and kisses to both of them:)

    Birthday was pinkuda’s

    The card is cute…I love to see how kids use their imagination and draw without any pretensions.

    Your little girls are absolute sweethearts Saritha.
    Reading about Nancy’s little girls and about yours..its lovely……..you guys are blessed to have little princesses in your home.:)

    Indeed we are blessed to have girls.Hugs and kisses from both of them

    1. eeesh! How could I?
      I am so used to writing Varunavi’s name for everything:)

      I as well thought,even my screen was varunavi before.

      Happy Birthday Pinkuda:) Lots of love and many kisses sweetheart:)

      Thanks aunty and hugs and kisses from all of us

  12. Belated Bday Wishes to lil Pinkuda!!!! 😀

    Thanx aunty

    That card Varu made is adorable, she’s such a loving sister! Hugs to both my princesses!

    Hugs from both of them

    Good luck with the Bob the Builder shoes!! 😀 😀 😀

    It’s my mom’s job to search for them

    Smitha is a darling, isn’t she? Hugs to her too, for helping you with the baking!

    * sooper tight hugs* Hope Pinky has a fab year ahead!

    Huggggs and kisses from both the kids

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