A lie

Till my 10th standard i was known as AP Saritha,A is the family name and P is my dad’s name.All my classmates and my school teachers  know me as ap saritha.But i never liked AP in my name.My classmates used to call me Andhra Pradesh saritha and used to hate been called ap saritha.

Once my 10th class teacher asked me to give my name in bold letters which she is going to send it to 10th board.I gave my name as A Saritha.My teacher insisted on keeping AP but i told her my dad said don’t add P.Which was a big LIE.And i never told all this at home.

When i got my hall ticket for 10th board,i was so happy to see my name as i wanted.But when my dad saw that hall ticket he was shocked to see that P is missing.To cover one lie,i told a lie again and told him my teacher did a mistake.He was very upset that i don’t have his name before mine where as both my sisters had Ap before their names (they changed it to husband’s family name later,which i didn’t do)

But my mom didn’t say anything,she just said don’t ever lie.If you don’t like it,you should have told me and i would have convinced your father.I didn’t feel much as i was happy that what i wanted i got it.

Now varunavi made me realise that i made a mistake of telling a lie.Varunavi name ends with Sai and since she was 1 year old she used to tell her full name.Since few day i am seeing her not telling her full name nor writing her full name.When i asked her why you are not writing she said her classmates teased her for having a long name,so she doesn’t like to add Sai after her name.I didn’t had thoughts of 6 year old when i was 14 years old.She told me and i told a lie.

I really don’t repent of changing my name but i repent for telling a lie.We tell so many lies but this lie i felt i should not have told.I am really sorry nana.I wish he was alive to hear me saying sorry to him.It’s been 13 long years without him………….


13 thoughts on “A lie

  1. As children we make mistakes unknowingly, Saritha. This lie must have been in some corner of your mind. You have pushed it out now. Forget about this incident. I think Andhra Pradesh as initial is food for teasing for children, naturally. And no child will like it.

    Will forget about this incident

    You can tell Varunavi that adding Sai will bring good luck. As it is, her name is a beautiful name.

    Showed varu ur comment and she felt happy to read and said she will tell her full name

    I admire you for revealing this, here, Saritha. Great.

    Your comment always make me smile and i am lucky to get you as a friend.
    Thanx and hugs

  2. Awww… hugs!
    And Sandhya’s suggestion is very apt… tell Varunavi that adding Sai is good luck as its God’s name… 🙂

    Thanx and showed her the comments,she is happy to read that her name is written by all


  3. Its so nice of u Saritha that u put it all here. Nt easy @ all 🙂

    It took me many years to realize it.

    And hugs to Varu for being so honest 🙂

    Hugs from varu and from me

  4. You know Sari, it takes courage to accept the mistake you’ve done and that too in front of so many blogo frnds. And I appreciate you for that. Special hugs coming up in your way. 🙂

    It took so many years to come out from me,i never spoke about this is anyone in the house.Thanx for the hugs

    Telling lies is part of growing up, but when you realise its wrong, it needs to be corrected. These kind of realisations which we have now are like great lessons for our motherhood.

    Very well said uma–great lessons for our motherhood

    Hugs to you and little cute Varu for being so honest !!! 🙂

    Hugs from varu

  5. Saritha.. it was a good post. I liked the comparison you made of 14 years and 6 years.. things are the same, time is the difference..
    and the “lie” thing… 🙂

    wishing all the best for Varunavi,
    and for nana, who left 13 years ago………

  6. That was such a heart felt post, Sari. Not everybody would be brave enough to write about it. I am sure your nana must have forgotten about the incident soon – you must have given him so many other happy moments to cherish.

    Thanks smitha.I am sure he would have forgotten

    Sandhya’s suggestion in perfect! Varunavi must be so happy to hear that 🙂

    And I think all of us go through stages of hating our names – I used to hate mine:) I so wished I could change it.

    Many my friends told me that they don’t like there names,wish we get a option of selecting names

  7. (((((((hugs)))))))

    Innocence of Varunavi shines doesnt it.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    and as grown ups we all have done our share of silly goof ups… they are a part of growin up… thats fair enough !!!


  8. It takes a lot of courage to say what you said in this post, Sari. I’m sure your nana, wherever he is today, is a proud father already :).

    Thanks deeps,i hope he is

    Sandhya has given an apt suggestion. Tell Varunavi she has a beautiful name :). Kisses to her!

    Varu kisses u back

    Hugs to you 🙂

    Hugs to you too

  9. One of the greatest thing is accepting our unintentional mistakes akka… I dont think i can do that…
    Hope varunavi is happy now… Show my name to her… Its doubly longer than hers 😀 😀

    Will show her

    Even i used to crib about my name but i am happy to get a gmail id with my complete name 🙂 🙂 its a weird combination 🙂

    Why weird?

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