Wordless Wednesday — One

A plane taking off.View from CN tower Canada (World tallest free standing structure –553.3 meters)

Will come back soon………..


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — One

  1. Yay! Saritha, that was great 🙂 I love pics from the air 🙂

    That pc i took it from CN towers.

    Come back soon!!! Don’t make us wait so long 🙂 And your header is gorgeous!!

    Thanx will come soon

  2. Welcome back! I love the brass pot with flowers…beautiful!

    The airport seems to be near the sea, is it so? Nice!

    Yes it is small air base,thanx

  3. WoW! This is one amazing shot, Sari! Welcome back! Now let this be the start of a barrage of posts 😀

    Lovely header :).

    Thanx deep,will start posting soon

  4. Welcome back !!! and even you started off with this weekday thingy, huh ? sheesh !

    Thanx vimmuu.I liked the idea of posting a pc every wed,u didnt like the idea??

  5. Read this post long back akka… Wanted to see this photo in pc.. But mozilla behaves strangely when i try to open your site 😦

    I too downloaded mozilla and quite happy with it.

    I always like birds view… This is also good 🙂

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