Short and Sweet

Most of you will agree with me that we get bored of doing the same stuff day in day out.I got bored of doing the routine chores of the house,getting up early,sleeping late,eating the food cooked by me,etc…

Without much planning went to hyderabad for just 14 days.It was surprise to my mom and sister.Just before boarding the flight called up and told them i am coming.They didn’t believe that we are coming and mom thought i am coming to hyd with some health problems.She got assured when she saw me healthy with few extra pounds.Kids were so happy when they saw their granny.They both hugged her and kissed her.

Younger sister and mom were at home to receive us and elder sister came home early in the morning.Even now i am feeling i am at hyderabad,i really miss my home,my mom and my sisters.

Varunavi got a parcel from crafty.When we opened the parcel i was short of words,crafty has send us many crochet things.Varunavi told crafty that this is the first time she got courier and she is always carrying pinkoo with her,even now she has pinkoo sleeping next to her.Who ever visited us she showed the goodies and told them that her net aunty gave her.Love to crafty aunty and hugs (varunavi said this).

First day in hyderabad i met swaram and kanagu.Swaram i was planning to see when i visit hyderabad but meeting kanagu was a pleasant surprise.He was there in hyderabad.Was not able to spend much time with them as kanagu has to catch his train.I was not sure whether he will reach the station on time,luckily train was late.

Talking to swaram i never felt i am talking to her for the first time or seeing her for the first time.We have known each other since few months but i felt i know her since ages.Kanagu is sweet and calm,it was me and swaram who did the talking.It was really wonderful to meet swaram and kanagu.Hugssssss

Spoke to my dhiren.Even with him I never felt I was talking to a stranger.

Only thing i felt bad about my trip was my mom.I disturbed her routine.I didn’t do a single work at hyderabad,the only thing i did was sleep.Papam my mom did everything including feeding the kids.Now she says she doesn’t want to live there as she hears pinkuda’s laugh and varunavi calling her ammamma(granny).

It always happens that i cry at the airport and this time i controlled my tears.The crying part was done by varunavi and pinkuda.Varunavi was holding my mom and telling me you go amma,i will stay with ammamma(granny),we can’t live her alone.Mom promised her that she will come and stay with us.

31st December 2008 i started my blog,I can’t believe i have blogged for a year already !.It’s been an amazing year got to know so many wonderful people/writers and who are my friends now.

I am really grateful to you all who visit my blog,read and comment.Your comments are like a back bone to my blog,without your comments I don’t think I would have completed a year of blogging.

PS:-This post I wanted to write since 15th and at last did summary of the events since 31st december.


39 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. It ws gr8 meeting u too Sari .. and lol eh, we did all the talking while Kanagu ws waiting to get a chance to talk 😛

    We didn’t give him chance to talk,he is a calm soul

    Lotz of luv to Pinkuda and Varunavi .. it ws lovely watching all their antics .. just wish we hd more time 🙂 Let’s make up for it next time 🙂

    Sure my next visit we will spend a day together

    P.S: Sorry been horribly busy @ work .. will send the pics soon 😛 😛

    Why sorry,work is always important other things can wait.

  2. Welcome back Saritha! So had a booster from your mom! Amma is always Amma, isn’t it, even if we are Ammas to our children.

    Your comment always brings smile on my face sandhya.Got a booster which will last till my next visit.

    Only one year old blogger, is it? I thought you were blogging for a long time. Nice to know you Saritha.

    Take care.

    You too

  3. Lovely account of homecoming !!! 🙂

    Thanx uma

    Its always wonderful to be at Mom’s place and eat Mom ka haath ka khana !!!! Gud u enjoyed all those !!!!

    U know uma first day had rice,tomato dal and brinjal,it was wonderful,hot hot.

    Met Swaram and Kanagu !??!!!! Its always lovely meeting with blogger frnds. Recently I had been to a bloggers meet in Chennai and felt really at home among all the frnds. The blogs help us to bond better.

    I was wishing kanagu train timings changes,didnt had much time with them

    1 year of blogging – WOW !!! Congrats to you !!!!

    Thanx uma

    I too miss Hyd. Did u have Briyani ????? 😦

    Had biryani made by mom,missed eating at paradise hotel

  4. Happy 1st Blog anniversary !!

    Thanx rashmi

    Now list of coincidence – I just hit publist to my blog anniversary post and jump to ur blog and found same anniversary post here too 🙂

    I m going to my mom’s place tomm that too surprise visit 🙂

    Have a wonderful time there rashmi

    and wow u too meet swaram..I think swaram has met most of blog buddies 🙂

    I am sure it is only swaram who has met most of the blog buddies

    Swaram by anychance are you coming to delhi 🙂

  5. Sari, coming from Rash’s blog and now here. Congratulations on the blogoversary! I too completed 1 year of blogging in Dec. 🙂

    Thanx solio and congrats for completing one year,

    So nice to hear that you had a blast in Hyderabad and met Swar and Kanagu. So sweet of Crafty to send those goodies to Varu.

    So what did you eat? Can we have some pictures of those yummilicious food? 😀

    Ate mom’s biryani and had pongal specials at sister’s place,didnt take snaps 😦

  6. **finally after saritha pours water hitchy wakes up**

    😦 Had to shed so much of sweat to get hitchy to my blog,very bad

    Phew… totally loved it… 😛 😛 😛

    Crafty is really the best when it comes to gifting aint she !!! God bless her… !!!

    She is a wonderful and sweet person

    Biryani !!!!!!!!!!!! sigh…. 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    Lucky you, you met Swaram and Kanagu before me… !!!!

    Before u for a change

    and really leaving home is really the toughest… !!!

    That was the toughest part

  7. Great reading about your trip home and also meeting so many blog friends. That must have felt really good. Nothing like going home 🙂

    Happy blogoversary Saritha..

    Thanx lakshmi

  8. Its really nice meeting you and varunavi and pinkuda akka… 🙂 🙂 its a sweet suprise to me too when swaram said about your coming 🙂 actually i wanted to postpone my departure to next day but my mom was very much worried about my stay…

    Oh u should have postponed kanagu we would had much time at my place

    I wish we will meet again and Have more time to spend 🙂

    Its so sweet crafty know… She always amazes us 🙂

    She is sweet,i was in tears when i saw her parcel,will post the snap soon

    And congrats on the blog anniversary 🙂 a moment to celebrate and dance 🙂 🙂

    Thanx thambi

  9. Ohh, was waiting for your version of the meet after Swarr and Kanagu put it up in their blogs !!! 😀 😀 😀

    ohh they have written,i missed it.Let me check their version

    and crafty kutty send you gifts !!! she is like the sweetest person ever ! 😀

    She is

    and before I end, did Swarr scare you with her eyes ?? 😀 😀 😀

    We disscused about that as well and there was a snap which we thought u should see

  10. All blogging friends say the same thing when they meet…. it’s great to read about your meetings 🙂

    And now you must post Pinkoo’s photographs too…

    Will be doing it IHM

    Congratulations on one year of blogging!!! Solilo, Rashmi and you started around the same time!! 🙂


  11. Firstly congratulations on completing 1 year of blogging!

    Thanx deeps

    So you had a wonderful break!So glad to know that.You met Swaram and Kanagu too? LOL @’ it was me and swaram who did the talking.’

    You knwo even I’m like you,Sari. I dont move my finger the minute I land in my house in Delhi. I even hand over Namnam to my parents and enjoy the vacation the real sense 😀

    We need such a vacation no.Kids got attatched to granny and it was difficult for them to leave her

    Enjoyed reading your short and sweet account 🙂

    Keep sharing like you always do,Sari 🙂

    Thanx a lot deeps

  12. Saritha, It’s wonderful to have you back 🙂 Though I know you’d rather be in Hyd, I am so happy to see you back 🙂

    Thanx smitha

    So you had the best time in Hyd 🙂 Short, sudden trips are the best! Especially when it is planned at the last minute 🙂 There is a different sort of fun in that 🙂 Your mom and sis must have been thrilled to have you all there – unexpectedly 🙂

    They were happy

    Crafty’s gifts look wonderful! No wonder Varu is so delighted 🙂 Crafty aunty is one special aunty isn’t she 🙂

    She is

    And you got to meet Swaram and Kanagu too!!! All you guys are meeting up! I am so jealous of you guys 🙂

    I am dying to go home now. I do the same – once I am there, all Poohi’s responsibilities are with my parents – I just enjoy myself 🙂 And at the end, all of us are in tears at the airport – We never ever feel like coming back.

    Same here,this time i controlled myself but kids could not,they both cried at the airport

    Happy blog anniversary 🙂 One year – it feels great doesn’t it? Blogging made me so many lovely friends like you :)Makes me thankful every time 🙂 Hugs!!!!

    Me too got lovely friend like u,touchwood and hugs

  13. wow!
    Sounds like you had a great time in Hybd!

    and yes, Happy Anniversary to your blog!
    very happy to have found my way here. 🙂

    Thanx pixie and me too happy to come across u and ur blog


    Thanx kavi

    Even i was on a month long vacation.Glad that your trip to Hyderabad was great.Kids and Amma enjoying each others company is wonderful.Meeting Swaram and Kanagu was a bonus…so when are we meeting?

    Will surely come to delhi as i want to visit the taj,so i will meet u in delhi

    Pass my special tighter hugs to kiddies !

    Hugs from them

  15. Sari!!!

    My heartfelt birthday wishes and loads of hugs and muahs to my darling princess Varunavi!!

    *sooper tight hugs*

    To Dearest Varunavi,

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday sweetheart, with lots of presents and lovely food by your mom! 😀
    Have a great time celebrating!
    loads of love & hugs,
    Crafty Aunty 😀

    Sari, had read this post long back, delayed the comments 😐
    I am waiting to meet swaroo sis! and kanagu was telling me about how u guys helped him in his travel with directions etc, and were so sweet to him!
    touchwood!!!! here’s to more blogger meets!!!!!!


    am glad the kids liked the gifts! muahs!
    those pink clips, i have two more pairs… One for Deeps’ sweetheart Namnam, and one for IHM’s niece 😀 😀

  16. Many many Happy returns of the Day, Saritha! God bless both of you and your babies too!

    When did you change the look of the page? It is interesting and different and nice, Saritha!

  17. Hey Saritha…
    read this post long back but dint comment.. Congrats on the anniversary 🙂
    Hope varunavi’s exams are completed soon and u come back to blogging..
    and this new blog look is tooo good

  18. Hi’s been long time dropping in your blog..the look is completly changed..template chaala bagundi..and you came India and happy to know that u had a great time here in India.. 🙂

  19. I am very late here Saritha…Congratulations on completing one year of blogging! 🙂
    Crafty is the bestest:) she has to be the sweetest blogger I know:)

    Meeting Swaram and Kanagu must have felt great! It makes me smile whenever I read about all the blogger meetings:)
    love for Varunavi and Pinkuda(((((hugs))))

    PS:-Where are you? No new posts? come back na!

    1. It’s been long i didnt blog.Getting very little time,pinky is not allowing me to sit in front of laptop,some how managing to read few of the blogs and comment.
      Will try to come back soon.

  20. Sari, whats happeing? No updates for the last 3months? Thats so unlike you. All well I hope 🙂

    All is well deeps,bit busy with the kids.Will come back soon

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