At last i got it right :)

After attempting for 5 times I got it right.Wasted much on that but never felt like leaving it and getting it from the store.When made a disaster,picked one from the store and compared it and pondering where I went wrong.

Browsed net and other means of getting the thing right.Discussed with a friend and asked her advice.At last the research and time spent on it has got the perfect result.

I am talking about the Gulab Jamoons which I got it right in my 5th attempt.They are so colourful,soft and shining and tasty as well.

Another closer shot

Edited to add the recipe:

2 Cups Milk powder

2 tsp Maida (all-purpose flour)

1 tsp Oil

2 Eggs

2 tsp Baking powder

2 Cups Sugar

1 Cup Water

Beat egg and keep aside

Mix milk powder,maida and baking powder.

Slowly add egg into the milk powder and make a dough similar to chapati dough.(Don’t just add the entire egg,slowly with a tablespoon add the egg.After making the dough if still egg is left just leave it,don’t add it to the dough)

When making the dough apply oil to the hand so that the dough doesn’t sticks.

Heat a pan with enough oil for deep frying.Once the oil is hot,minimise the heat.

Make small balls and slowly leave them into the oil one at a time.Fry till the jamoons are light brown in colour.Jamoons should be fried only on a low heat so that inside is cooked well.

In the mean while make sugar syrup.Take a bowl with 1 cup of water and 2 cup of sugar.Let it come to one boil and remove from the stove.

Once they are fried remove jamoons from the oil and transfer them to the sugar syrup.Let it be there for 1/2 hr.

Want to serve hot,serve it with ice-cream.


16 thoughts on “At last i got it right :)

  1. its looking utterly butterly delicious 🙂 :-)…have u put recipe in ur food blog ?

    Thanx rashmi,i didn’t write the recipe in my food blog,i have edited this post with the recipe

  2. Absolutely YUMMY !!!! 🙂 I’m literally drooling on my keyboard.

    Thanx lostworld and welcome here.They are really drool worthy

    Do share your recipe too. And good you didn’t give up. Worth it isn’t it?!

    Edited the post with the recipe.Tried jamoons with many recipes only this recipe clicked and they came out quite well

  3. This is the first recipe I have seen that uses egg in gulab jamun. I just take a ready mix and make them. But the picture looks good and I am sure they were as tasty.

    Welcome here radha.

    In arabic cuisine egg is used in gulab jamun where as in indian cuisine we don’t use egg.This recipe was given to my by friend who is a omani.

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